Photo: Randy Mayor; Styling: Leigh Ann Ross
2 1/2 cups (serving size: about 2 tablespoons)

Thick, tomato-rich Kansas City sauces are sweeter than those from other barbecue regions. While commercial renditions can overdo the sugar, this version (inspired by the scrumptious Gates Original) balances sweet with spice.

How to Make It

Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan; bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat; simmer 25 minutes or until slightly thickened.

Ratings & Reviews

ehellmich's Review

August 24, 2009
This sauce was delicious! I added some tomato paste and some more molasses because I might have added a little too much pepper. I made half the recipe and we still had plenty left. I would use this on pork also.

Yael13's Review

June 09, 2012
I've been making this recipe for years. I keep coming back to it. I can't believe how easy it is, and it's so delicious. It's tangy and spicy, with just a hint of sweetness. Perfection! You also do not have to use it with meat. While it's great on chicken or pretty much any rib (beef or pork), it's also equally good on vegetarian "meats" such as tofu, tempeh, and seitan.

jennyr15375's Review

September 04, 2011
I love this recipe! I can't find smoked salt, so I use seasoned salt instead. This is my go-to bbq chicken recipe when we have cookouts.

jfrankh's Review

May 08, 2011

Princess222's Review

June 02, 2010
Excellent Sauce! The only adjustment I made was to simmer a bit longer as we prefer a thicker sauce. This is our barbeque sauce of choice.

crusnock's Review

December 16, 2009
This is now our go-to barbecue sauce. I don't keep celery seed or smoked salt in the house, so I omitted these and added 1/2 tsp of celery salt. I find that when I make smaller batches, it doesn't need anywhere near 25 minutes. This sauce is also great on pulled pork.