Photo: Grant Cornett; Styling: Angharad Bailey
Hands-on Time
15 Mins
Total Time
1 Hour
Serves 2 (serving size: about 2 cups)

If your supermarket carries frozen or shelf-stable precooked wheat berries, you'll save 50 minutes; use 1 cup of cooked grains.

How to Make It

Step 1

Place wheat berries in a medium saucepan. Cover with water to 2 inches above wheat berries; bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat to medium, and cook 50 minutes or until chewy-tender. Drain and rinse with cold water; drain.

Step 2

Place wheat berries and remaining ingredients in a large bowl; toss gently.

Step 3


Step 4

Holy whole grains! For crunchy-granola types, there's good-for-you nutrition all over this lunch, which gives you about two-thirds of the daily whole-grain recommendation.

Step 5

Make Our Recipe: Wheat Berry, Kale, and Cranberry Salad

Step 6

Then add…

Step 7

12 100% whole-grain crackers (such as Wheat Thins)

Step 8

1 ounce Manchego cheese, thinly sliced

Step 9

2 whole-grain oatmeal cookies with chocolate (such as Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies)

Step 10

Serves 2

Step 11

Each lunch contains 527 calories, 1g fat (2g sat fat), 15g protein, 8g carbs, 3g fiber, and 671mg sodium.

Chef's Notes

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Ratings & Reviews

phoebe1214's Review

December 05, 2013

Dorseyl's Review

September 18, 2013
I thought this was just okay. I thought it really lacked flavor, unless you count red onion as a flavor, in which case it was PACKED with flavor. Surprisingly, my boyfriend really like it. A kale salad? Who is this person? I probably won't make it again, but if you do, don't skip the cranberries!

detailaddict's Review

September 05, 2013
This was my first kale salad, and I was not disappointed. Following a tip, I added the oil and salt first to the kale and other ingredients and "massaged" them in, then let the mixture sit for 15-20 minutes before adding the vinegar and pepper. I made this for supper, so I skipped the crackers and cookies and shredded some Gruyere to go on top (as this is basically a French Manchego). I normally don't care for vinaigrette dressings but the cranberries offset the tartness of the vinegar; and even though I used the tougher Russian kale (instead of lacinato) it had sufficiently absorbed the liquids and other flavors so that it was neither tough nor bitter. Even my husband who doesn't care for even cooked kale declared it good, and it was quite filling and satisfying. This was a nice introduction to kale salad and I'm looking forward to exploring other possibilities.