Photo: Leigh Beisch
MAKES: 6 servings

Thirteen-year-old Joe Kozal was impressed by a molten chocolate cake in a restaurant but thought he could do better. Instead of chocolate, Joe's cakes ooze melted marshmallow.

How to Make It

Step 1

In a 3- to 4-quart pan over very low heat, stir chocolate chips and butter until melted and smooth. Remove from heat and whisk in granulated sugar, eggs, and vanilla until well blended. Stir in flour.

Step 2

Fill six buttered, floured ramekins (1/2-cup capacity; see notes) about halfway. Press a marshmallow into the center of the batter in each ramekin. Spoon remaining batter equally over marshmallows, completely covering.

Step 3

Bake in the center of a 350° regular or 325° convection oven until tops are puffed up and crackly, 12 to 15 minutes. Let cool about 10 minutes, then run a knife along inside of ramekins and invert to release cakes. Place right side up on plates. Sprinkle tops with powdered sugar, if desired. Serve warm.

Chef's Notes

If you don't have ramekins, you can use muffin pans (about 1/2-cup capacity). Don't substitute chopped semisweet or bittersweet chocolate for the chocolate chips.

Ratings & Reviews

jenaljohnson's Review

February 03, 2014

OctaviaShabazz's Review

February 16, 2013
They turned out great! I wish I made more

Keiko123's Review

February 14, 2013
Like the other reviewer, I ended up with 4 ramkins. Used the convection oven as noted in recipe and followed recipe exactly. For me it was too sweet, but husband really liked it. Had a very cake like consistency, not so gooey as I thought it would be . Nonetheless, tasty and a good recipe to have on hand for a quick dessert. Am going to compare it with a few other similar recipes before I decide if I make it again or not.

PinkLadyLA's Review

November 07, 2012
No one loves chocolate more than me but I wasn't crazy about this. Too sweet? I don't know.

smartymarty's Review

June 12, 2012
extremely rich batter. This recipe is nice and simple, which I like, however next time I will try it w/less chocolate chips and add some milk so the batter is creamier and so the cake can be a bit moist. I also agree on using miniature marshmallows instead of large ones.

PeggyVanAm's Review

February 04, 2012
I made these with dairy free chocolate chips and shortening - and they turned out great! Our family has dairy allergies, so there are few desserts that the whole family enjoys, but this will be a keeper. I used 4 6 oz ramekins, but will try it in muffin tins next time. The servings were large for children - but they ate it all!

mrsdewdrop's Review

June 06, 2011
This was awesome!!! I only baked for 10-11 minutes so it would be extra gooey. My husband loved it. I ended up putting the recipe into 4- 6 oz ramekins. I will definitely make these again.

Smokeyjo's Review

May 26, 2011
Adding a little less flour so it's more 'cake' consistency and using miniature marshmallows. I'll be making these for our next church social. I imagine they're going to be the first items gone!

Grace753's Review

April 29, 2011
This batter comes out way too thick with all the flour and chocolate chips. I would find another recipe with less flour. No way I could eat this, too dry.

thehungryhippo's Review

July 25, 2010
A simple dessert to make and definitely very rich. One cake per person was definitely enough as each one was very filling. Its best to let the cakes cool for a couple of minutes and a knife isn't even necessary to use to take them out. It's then easy enough to take them out by hand.