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Despite its tempting price tag, you’ve probably walked right on by that eye of round roast in the supermarket meat case more times than you can count… but no more; now, you know exactly what to do with it. This easy Instant Pot recipe transforms what’s typically considered a less-desirable cut of meat into succulent, perfectly rare roast beef with a richly savory jus. You can serve it simply over a bed or fluffy rice, or layer the tender beef onto warm rolls and serve with the luscious jus for dipping. Salting the beef and allowing it to sit, uncovered, in the refrigerator (for at least one hour, but longer if you can) is key to achieving supreme flavor. This step allows the meat to to release surface-level moisture, which makes for optimal exterior browning, and gives the salt time to really make its way into the meat. Additionally, allowing your cooked roast to rest thoroughly is essential to ensuring peak tenderness. That being the case, this is a great make-ahead recipe, especially for easy—and inexpensive—entertaining. Prep you Instant Pot eye of round the day before, refrigerate overnight (this will help lock in those savory juices and make thinly slicing so much easier), slice it up, and then put it out with your warmed jus and all your favorite fixings for a build-your-own roast beef sandwich bar. 

Recipe by MyRecipes


Credit: Aaron Kirk; Prop Styling: Christina Daley; Food Styling: Rishon Hanners

Recipe Summary

20 mins
2 hrs
Serves 6 to 10




Instructions Checklist
  • Set Instant Pot to Sauté on High; let heat 1 to 2 minutes. Place roast in hot Instant Pot.

  • Cook, turning to brown all sides, about 1 minute per side. Transfer seared roast to a plate. Cancel the Sauté setting.

  • Stir together sherry, water, fish sauce, and beef base in a small bowl; add to Instant Pot, stirring to combine with roast drippings in the pot. Add garlic, thyme, and bay leaf. Place steam rack in Instant Pot; set roast on rack. Seal lid on Instant Pot, and close release valve. Set to Low Pressure for 5 minutes, making sure the Keep Warm setting is also on. Press Start.

  • When timer is up for the 5 minutes of pressure, do not release pressure. Allow the Keep Warm setting to go for 35 to 40 minutes. Once that time is up, carefully release steam, and open Instant Pot. Insert a thermometer in thickest portion of roast to check temperature (115°F to 120°F for rare, 125°F for medium-rare, or 130°F for medium). If desired degree of doneness hasn’t been reached, replace and lock lid, add 8 minutes to the Keep Warm setting, and check again.

  • Transfer roast to a cutting board, and let rest at least 20 minutes up to 1 hour before thinly slicing. 

  • Prepare the Jus: Strain roast drippings through a wire-mesh strainer into a bowl; discard solids. Rinse out the insert and return to base. Add beef broth and flour to drippings, and whisk until smooth; add to Instant Pot. Set the Sauté setting to medium heat. Cook, whisking occasionally, until jus is slightly thickened, about 5 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve beef on sliced French bread with horseradish mayonnaise and Swiss cheese. Dip in Au Jus sauce.