Recipe by Oxmoor House January 1983


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6 servings


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  • To Clean: Com should be as fresh as possible since it loses its sweetness in a few hours after being picked from the stalk. To retain freshness leave in husks until just before servings. Remove husks by pulling down from top of ear. Cut or break stem off at base of ear. Remove silks using a stiff, dry vegetable brush. Trim tip, and remove blemishes with a knife, if necessary.

  • To Cut Kernels: Hold an ear of corn securely in one hand, resting the base of the ear in a large bowl. Using a sharp knife, cut down the length of the ear to the base; cut through the kernels, being careful not to cut into the tough cob. Rotate ear, and repeat procedure until all kernels are removed from ear. Scrape cob to remove any remaining pulp.

  • To Scrape Kernels: Hold the ear of com securely in one hand. Using the tip of a sharp knife, slice through the center of a row of kernels from the base to the tip. Repeat procedure until all kernels are sliced. Holding the ear securely in one hand, rest base of ear in a large bowl. Using the back of the knife, scrape down the ear to remove the flesh and milk; rotate ear and continue scraping procedure until all flesh and milk are removed from the ear.

  • To Steam Corn On The Cob: Arrange com on steaming rack. Place rack in steamer over 1 inch of water. Bring to a boil. Cover and steam for 10 minutes or until com is crisp-tender.

  • To Boil Corn On The Cob: Combine sugar and enough water to half fill a large saucepan. Bring water to a boil; add corn. Return to a boil; cover, and cook 10 minutes or until com is tender. Drain well.

  • Other Cooking Methods: Bake corn on the cob; fry, deep-fry, or stew after cutting or scraping kernels from the cob.

  • Serving Suggestions: Corn on the cob may be served with melted butter and salt to taste or any of the following: Drawn Butter, Lemon-Butter Sauce, or any herb butter or spread.


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