All photos by Teresa Sabga / Labels by Lauren Kolm

Some people wear their passions on their sleeve. That's laudable, but not especially cute. You love breakfast with all your heart, so why not wear it around your neck, close to your heart? You may have made an edible friendship bracelet with cereal when you were a kid, but you're a grownup now. Play for keeps by sealing the individual pieces of cereal with acrylic, and upgrading the jewelry supplies to make a cereal necklace that will stand the test of time—just like your obsession with your morning bowl of sugary cereal.

Note: While we used Froot Loops for our necklaces, there's no reason you couldn't play around with Cheerios, Alpha-Bits, Lucky Charms, and Chex—just get your Kix however makes you smile.

Loop Cereal Necklace

Beaded Cereal Necklace

How to Make It

Step 1

Determine the amount of cord you will need by measuring it around your neck loosely, and adding several inches. (The cereal will add bulk.) Grab a handful of cereal and thread it onto the cord, the hold loosely around your neck to determine how many pieces you will need. The cereal should fit snugly all the way around your neck with no or minimal gaps between.

Step 2

Select a sequence of beads and cereal you find attractive. We went with a combo of metallic tubes, alphabet beads, and cereal, but you do you.

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