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20 servings (Serving size: One Cupcake)

These cupcakes are fun, fairly easy to make, an great for cookouts and celebrations!

How to Make It

Step 1

Yellow cake mix = Buns

Step 2

Brownie mix = Patties

Step 3

Colored Icing = Lettuce, ketchup, and mustard

Step 4

-Make yellow cake mix according to box. You can use paper liners, but I find it better using none and spray the pan holes with cooking spray.

Step 5

-Fill the individual cupcake holes less than you normally would (about 1/2 way) and bake according to box or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Step 6

-Take cupcakes out and let them cool for at least 20 minutes

Step 7

-Prepare brownie mix according to the box. Bake preferrably in a 10 x 14 pan so that the brownie patties are thin.

Step 8

-While brownies are baking, cut cupakes in half horizontally

Step 9

-After the brownies are done cooking, let them cool for 30 minutes

Step 10

-Next, divide Icing into three separate mixing bowls. Put yellow food coloring in one, red in another, and green in the last one. Mix and keep adding food coloring until desired color.

Step 11

-Once brownies are cooled, cut "patties" with a round cookie cutter or with the rim of a cup to a size similar of the cupcakes.

Step 12

-On the bottom half of the cupcake (the bottom bun) squeeze icing in a zigzag shape around the circle so that the "lettuce" is visible on the outside. Add a dot in the center so the pattie will stick.

Step 13

-Lay the brownie patty on top of the icing

Step 14

-Drizzle the red and yellow icing around the top of the patty until you get desired look

Step 15

-Add the top cupcake bun

Step 16

-Enjoy! :)

Step 17

OPTIONAL- For a more realistic look, you can add sesame seeds to the top bun. Also, orange fondant may be used for a "cheese slice"

Step 18

IMPORTANT- After you have completed every burger, let them sit out for at least 25 minutes. If they go directly into a closed container, top buns will become very sticky.

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