Prep Time
5 Mins
Cook Time
10 Mins
4 Servings

How to Make It

Step 1

In a small bowl, combine mustard, honey and brown sugar. If there's a bone in ham, remove it. Divide ham steak into 4 pieces; spread half of honey-mustard mixture on one side and stud each piece with a clove.

Step 2

Turn broiler to high and place rack 2 inches from heat source. Put steaks on broiler pan and broil for about 4 minutes. Turn steaks over. Spread remaining mustard mixture over steaks, stud with remaining cloves and broil for about 4 minutes longer, until well-browned.

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Ratings & Reviews

SkinnyMealPlans's Review

Jamie N
October 11, 2013

CandaceCH's Review

April 24, 2012
Very, very good and very, very simple. It took longer to get a 'well-browned' look than just 4 minutes. Try 7 on each side.

Jamie N's Review

August 25, 2009
I used cured ham steak, left out the cloves, and grilled it. It was so flavorful and juicy. We used to dread ham steak but now our kids love seeing it on the table. Easy receipe I strongly recommend.