Photo: Randy Mayor; Styling: Mindi Shapiro
Total Time
40 Mins
4 servings (serving size: 2 tacos)

These grilled pork tacos produce a contagious summer vibe when paired with corn and nectarine salsa.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat grill to medium-high heat.

Step 2

Combine 2 teaspoons lime juice, 1 tablespoon oil, and pork in a zip-top plastic bag; seal. Marinate 10 minutes at room temperature. Remove pork from bag; discard marinade. Sprinkle both sides of pork with 1/2 teaspoon salt, cumin, pepper, and garlic. Place pork on a grill rack coated with cooking spray; grill 3 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness. Let stand 5 minutes. Slice pork into thin strips.

Step 3

Lightly coat corn with cooking spray. Place corn on a grill rack coated with cooking spray; grill 6 minutes or until lightly charred, turning occasionally. Let corn stand 5 minutes; cut kernels from cob. Combine kernels, 2 teaspoons juice, remaining 1 1/2 teaspoons oil, remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt, bell pepper, and next 3 ingredients (through jalapeño) in a bowl; toss.

Step 4

Place tortillas on a grill rack coated with cooking spray, and grill for 1 minute on each side or until lightly browned. Toss cabbage with remaining 2 teaspoons lime juice. Place 2 tortillas on each of 4 plates, and divide pork evenly among tortillas. Top each taco with about 1 tablespoon cabbage mixture and about 2 tablespoons salsa.

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Ratings & Reviews

Not bad...but also nothing special

August 02, 2017
First, a couple of notes.  This took a little under two hours, including all prep and cleaning, when made with a side of CL's Orange-Infused Black Beans (which are very tasty.)  Also, the cook time on here is off.  When cooking thick (1-inch or thicker) boneless loin chops you want to cook at med-hi (3-5 second hand count) for four minutes on one side uncovered, and then four minutes on the other side with the cover on the grill.  Also, make sure to score the fat strip before cooking the chop in order to keep it from curling.  However, why even bother, at least for this recipe?  This thing was BLAND!  The salsa was underwhelming and a paltry amount (we eventually added a second ear of corn) and the pork was equally flavorless.  If nothing else, ditch the lime juice and garlic and just throw on a really aggressive and spicy rub - god knows the chops need it.  I don't plan on making this again, but if I did, that would be the first thing I'd change.  The second would be to do something to boost the flavor in the salsa.  At the very least it could use some cilantro and I'd suggest salting to taste since it seemed like it could certainly use a little more than the recipe calls for, also, maybe some more jalapeno.  I don't know...cilantro would be my first choice, but the salsa really was underwhelming.

HeatherLynn's Review

July 25, 2010
A perfect summer dish...light, healthy, flavorful and easy to make. I will definitely be making this one again!

valthepal6's Review

July 25, 2010
Delicious, fresh,summer dish. I didn't make the rice, but I served black beans on the side. Will definitely make it again!

trixie03's Review

August 16, 2010
My boyfriend and I both loved this recipe! The pork was delicious and tender, and the salsa outstanding!!! It's delicious enough for a special occasion BBQ or the like, but quick and easy enough for an everyday meal. I made a few changes, none life-altering. I marinated the pork for 30 min instead of 10. I don't have a grill, so I simply used the stove top for everything. I omitted the cabbage, because I don't like cabbage. And I used only half of the jalapeno, though next time I will use the whole thing. Wasn't crazy about the rice. I went healthy and used brown, and it was pretty blah. Next time black beans will be the side.

SaraG7's Review

July 12, 2010
Loved the salsa. The pork was very juicy when cooked according to the directions.

Saecca's Review

August 01, 2010
The salsa is sooo good. The sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors are great. It takes a bit to cut all the ingredients up, but it is worth it! And I always love the cabbage instead of lettuce. I used whole wheat tortillas instead of corn. This is a great summer recipe.

carolfitz's Review

July 02, 2010
The gorgeous fruit salsa was a bit hit -- definitely worthy of a special occasion bbq. Diced the red pepper and orange nectarine about the size of the grilled corn kernels & didn't use the oil. Seasoned & grilled carnitas (from the fridge) to recipe, rather than chops. Excellent summer meal.

DallasLC's Review

July 28, 2013
We loved this! The combination of pork, nectarines, and cabbage was very tasty. I will definitely make it again.

mikoprice's Review

June 02, 2011