Annabelle Breakey
Total Time
45 Mins
Makes 6 servings

A creamy gin sauce tastes delectable with this hot charred steak. Serve it with watercress. Sealed airtight, the spice blend keeps for several months. Make steak through step 2 up to 6 hours ahead and chill, covered; make sauce up to 6 hours ahead and chill, covered.

How to Make It

Step 1

In a spice grinder, grind 2 tsp. juniper berries, the allspice, and peppercorns until coarsely ground. Add salt and whirl to mix.

Step 2

Trim fat from steak. Rinse meat, pat dry, and rub all over with oil. Pat and rub spice mixture onto both sides.

Step 3

In a 2-qt. pot, bring broth and remaining 2 tsp. juniper berries to a boil over high heat and boil until reduced by 3/ Add cream and 2 tbsp. gin and boil over medium-high heat until reduced by half.

Step 4

Lay steak on an oiled cooking grate over a solid bed of very hot coals or highest gas heat (you can hold your hand 1 to 2 in. above grate for only 1 to 2 seconds); cover gas grill. Cook until firm when pressed on thin end but still quite pink inside (cut to check), 8 to 10 minutes; turn over halfway through. Meanwhile, reheat gin sauce over medium-low heat and, if more zip is desired, add 1 tbsp. gin.

Step 5

Transfer steak to a carving board with a well (to catch juices). With a sharp knife, carve steak into thin, wide slices across the grain, holding the knife at a low angle to meat. Transfer steak to a warm platter; scrape drippings and juice from board into gin sauce. Serve meat slices with sauce.

Step 6

Note: Nutritional analysis is per serving.

Ratings & Reviews

This is my all time favorite steak recipe - It's absolutely amazing!

August 16, 2015
My husband has been making this recipe since it appeared in the September 2007 Sunset Magazine issue.  Everyone in the family loves it.  I agree with another reviewer, it's a very different recipe.  Once you try it, you'll ask why have I not heard of this amazing recipe before?! 

amicad's Review

November 20, 2013
I've been making this recipe from Sunset for years and we absolutely LOVE it! I always double the sauce and serve it with rice to sop up all the deliciousness. It's actually a very simple recipe, even for a novice cook. The hardest part was finding the juniper berries (we don't eat them but they add depth of flavor that's to die for) but I ended up finding them at a locally owned fruit/veg stand.

nbybutterfly's Review

January 24, 2013

j3anders's Review

August 08, 2011
If you are looking for something very different and very tasty--this is it. I have made it several times with flank steak but am going to try tri-tip this weekend.

Ceanothus's Review

July 18, 2009
I don't usually use OMG (I'm probably too old and curmudgeonly) but this recipe deserves it. Wow. The spice rub & sauce are also marvelous on pork chops. I wonder if it would be good on chicken breasts?? A couple of notes: half & half works as well as cream. Beef broth concentrate from Trader Joe's works for the stock. Costco USDA choice flank steak is just fine, thank you. This recipe is surprisingly easy. Just do it. I am experimenting with a flank steak frozen with the spice rub, to grill next week or later. The juniper berries themselves are quite tasty after having been cooked in the sauce.