Photo: Hector Sanchez; Styling: Caroline M. Cunningham
Hands-on Time
20 Mins
Total Time
30 Mins
Makes 4 servings

Cut costs at the supermarket by rethinking how you buy meats. Here, we use a less expensive cut of beef and stretch it by adding colorful fresh veggies to the entrée. Thinly slice the meat and stir-fry it quickly to keep it tender.

How to Make It

Combine first 5 ingredients. Gradually whisk in 3 Tbsp. oil; transfer to a large zip-top plastic bag. Add steak; seal. Let stand at room temperature 15 minutes. Pour steak and marinade into a bowl. Transfer steak to a wok, reserving marinade. Stir-fry steak in 1 Tbsp. oil over medium-high heat 1 1/2 minutes or until browned. Remove steak. Add beans and bell peppers to wok; stir-fry 3 minutes. Whisk cornstarch into reserved marinade. Stir cornstarch mixture into vegetable mixture. Stir-fry 30 seconds or until sauce thickens. Stir steak into vegetable mixture, and stir-fry 30 seconds. Remove from heat, and serve over rice.

Ratings & Reviews

September 20, 2015
It worked just fine as long as you use thin green beans such as Haricot Verts.  The flavor was awesome!!

jarnolduf's Review

January 28, 2015
I took the advice of the previous reviewers and pre-cooked the green beans in boiling water for about 3 minutes and then submerged in ice water. The dish was flavorful and delicious! The beans and peppers were both cooked to the same crispness. Will definitely make this again!

Dixiefoxtrot's Review

January 19, 2015
The green beans ruin it, sorry. Red bell peppers and green beans don't cook at the same rate. Unless you are using haricot vert and they are paper thin, they will be raw and way-crunchy after 3 minutes. If that is the style green beans you need to make this recipe, it should be specified. If you like raw, discordant green beans with your perfectly seasoned everything-else, this is the recipe for you. My husband methodically plucked the raw green beans out so that we could cook them more, separately, and add them back to the dish. By the time the beans were only acceptably done, the sauce was beginning to congeal. Big UNSAT Southern seem to be dealing those more often and have for some time. This 30 year subscriber is having grave reservations.

Denisereid's Review

January 27, 2015
We all really liked this-loved the flavor of the sauce. Like the previous comment-green beans need a longer cooking time. Will try par boiling next time or look for haricot vert.

PNWLovesRain's Review

February 14, 2015

MyPumpkin99's Review

February 01, 2015
I didn't read the other reviews first - but agree that it would be nice to have the beans cooked more. Otherwise, the sauce had great flavor and the recipe was very easy to make. My husband loved it and I will definitely make it again.

crystal423's Review

February 22, 2015

Easy and Delicious!

April 24, 2015
I followed the recipe exactly (except I used 1 lb instead of 10 oz of meat), and it is delicious! The prep was simple, minimal chopping ( for a stir fry), and few ingredients for the tasty marinade. I had the prep done, rice cooked, and stir fry completed within about 30 minutes. Very, very good; this one is a keeper. I will make it again!

Best meal ever

July 10, 2015
My husband said this was the best meal I have ever made!  It was delicious.  I made it really spicy by adding a lot of peppers (and not de-seeding them).

Awesome and Easy!!

September 20, 2015
We made this tonight and it had awesome flavor and was soooo easy to make!!  Be sure to use thin green beans such as Haricot Verts so that they are done at the same time as the peppers.  Since we like our food really spicy we added Sriracha sauce at the table once the meal was served (that way everyone could add as much or as little chili sauce as they like).  Otherwise we made the recipe exactly as written.  This was so good and easy to make that I sent the link to my college student.  Thanks Southern Living!!