4 servings (serving size: 3 bread slices)

How to Make It

Step 1

Heat a grill pan over medium-high heat. Brush the olive oil evenly over the cut sides of the bread. Place the bread in the grill pan, and cook for 1 minute on each side or until lightly browned. Rub the garlic halves on 1 side of each bread slice.

Step 2

Garlic Tomato Toasts Variation: After rubbing garlic on bread slices, rub with 1 halved plum tomato.

Step 3

CALORIES 86 (31% from fat); FAT 3g (sat 5g, mono 9g, poly 4g); PROTEIN 2g; CARB 7g; FIBER 1g; CHOL 0mg; IRON 7mg; SODIUM 133mg; CALC 19mg

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