In Game of Thrones lore, the dragon has three heads. And each would love to sate their thirst on this libation. A hint of bright citrus perfectly balances the rich earthy element the wine in this cocktail delivers. Refreshing, delicately sweet, and tangy, this drink if fit for a queen. A few leaves of fresh basil adds a delightful herbaceous layer to the drink, but feel free to leave it out if basil isn’t your flavor of choice or you don’t have it on hand— the cocktail will still be delicious. Tame the Mother of Dragons with the refreshing summer sipper, or double up on the ingredients and serve this at your next King’s Moot. Pro-Tip: Using crushed or pulverized ice and packing it tightly in the glass will ensure you’re able to “float” your red wine on the cocktail mixture.

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Recipe Summary

10 mins
10 mins
Serves 1 Khaleesi


Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Put first 5 ingredients (through Aperol) into a shaker filled halfway with ice. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. Muddle basil; add to mixture in the shaker and shake for an additional 5-10 seconds.

  • Fill a glass with pulverized or crushed ice. Strain the contents of shaker over ice. With a spoon, top mixture with your desired amount of red wine so that it will “float” on top of the ice.

  • Optional: Take the hollowed out orange half, dry out thoroughly, and fill with high-proof rum, such as Cruzan 151. Push down into cocktail until the lower half of the orange is submerged; light the rum on fire with a match or lighter. For best results, you may want to soak a crouton or piece of bread in the rum.

Chef's Notes

Note: The last two ingredients listed, along with the entire third step of this recipe, is completely optional. This is simply an explanation of the method we used to create a flaming version of this cocktail for show; this step is in no way necessary to create a delicious beverage.