Photo: Peden & Munk; Styling: Amy Wilson
Prep Time
10 Mins
Makes 2 cups (serving size: 1/4 cup)

This is the base guacamole recipe from Gabriel's in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is intended only as a jumping-off point: Add more seasonings to your taste. We preferred it with 1/2 teaspoon jalapeño, 4 teaspoons onion, and 4 teaspoons lime juice.

How to Make It

Scoop out avocado flesh into a molcajete or bowl, add garlic and jalapeño, and mash (with a pestle or a wooden spoon) until the avocados are creamy but still very chunky. Stir in tomato, onion, and salt to taste. Sprinkle with lime juice and cilantro, then stir and taste once more. Add more garlic, jalapeño, onion, salt, lime juice, or cilantro as desired. Serve with tortilla chips.

Gabriel's, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Also appeared in: Sunset, August, 2006

Ratings & Reviews

guydif review

November 01, 2015
Former Santa Fe resident and frequent customer at Gabriels over 15 years. Excellent base recipe but based on my eating experience there I doubled the tomato and lime juice and used 1/2 cup of cilantro. I personally add and prefer 1/2 tspn powder cumin. Can't make enough for my guests. Do not use the jumbo avacados. I use only Haas type not overly ripe.

skoc50's Review

June 02, 2014
A big hit with everyone! I added about half of a third avocado & doubled the amount of jalapeno & cilantro. I ran out early on because everyone enjoyed it so much.

ShannonKay's Review

January 27, 2014

Psykee's Review

February 19, 2013
I've made this twice, now. This time I did about 3 avocados, 4 tbs of onion, about 3/4 of a lime's juice, half of a mostly seeded jalapeno, and no cilantro (makes me sick after a funky juicing mixture that we made. Cabbage, cilantro, a lemon, and beets don't mix O.o) or salt. It was awesome. The lime gave it an awesome flavor. My boyfriend and I (mostly me) couldn't stop eating it.

meadan's Review

January 01, 2013
I have been using this recipe for over 30 years except I don't always put tomato in unless I am serving it right away. It tends to discolor the avocado! This is by far the best recipe anywhere......add more jalapenos if you like it spicier, depends on who I am serving.

allylofgren's Review

April 06, 2012
It was very good but I added a bit more jalapeno and a tablespoon of sour cream.

RossoBaron's Review

October 11, 2011
This is the best guacamole I've ever made or tasted! Used a good Florida avocado (big one!), more minced onion, more garlic, chopped cherry tomatoes and a couple of shakes of chili powder (zero cilantro--don't like it!)...added Sriracha sauce and the juice of one whole Persian lime! My guests raved over it! We emptied the bowl, scooping out this wonderful stuff with bite-sized Tostitos. This is my GoTo Guac recipe from now on! I don't have one of those pounding gadgets made out of lava (molajete? or whatever it's called) but found that my big mortar and pestle worked great! Next time I made it, my potato masher worked well, too. I like it best when it's a little chunky... Recipe definitely a keeper!

jc0068's Review

November 08, 2010
This was a Great Guacamole. Loved all the flavors. I may spice it up with a little more Jalapeno next time. watch the lime, it's easy to add too much.

lachase's Review

May 08, 2010

lillieofthevaly's Review

May 06, 2009
I made this last night for cinco de mayo- it turned out great. I followed the suggestion that the staff said to use in the beginning paragraph. I doubled the recipe and didnt have a bit left! Will definitely make again!!