How to Make It

Place mandarin orange segments from an 11-oz. can in an ice-cube tray and top with 1/2 cup orange juice. In a second tray, repeat with crushed pineapple and juice. Divide 1/2 cup cranberry juice in a third tray. Freeze 4 hours. To serve, stir 4 cups orange juice, 6 cups pineapple juice, 4 cups cranberry juice and 4 cups ginger ale together in a large bowl and add fruit ice cubes.

Ratings & Reviews

LLGTEC's Review

April 14, 2013

charoulli's Review

September 26, 2009
This is a great mix of juices! My ice cubes were heart shaped (bought the tray from Ikea) I served this at a cocktail party so I added 1/2 cup of rum to make it an adult drink ;) I am making this again and again and again!

conbaj's Review

December 22, 2013