How to Make It

Combine okra and buttermilk in a large bowl; toss to coat. Combine cornmeal and next 3 ingredients in a medium bowl. Drain okra, discarding buttermilk. Toss okra in cornmeal mixture to coat. Pour oil to depth of 2 inches into a Dutch oven; heat to 350°. Fry okra, in batches, 4 minutes or until golden. Drain well on paper towels. Sprinkle with additional salt, if desired.

Ratings & Reviews

amyallen's Review

July 15, 2011
I was a bit timid about frying but these okras turned out hot and delicious! Added red pepper to cornmeal mixture. Served with squash casserole, onion and cuke salad and grilled chops for a perfect summer dinner.

steponme's Review

June 09, 2011
Wonderful, restaurant quality! I did make a couple of slight changes; I added about 1/4 tsp. of red pepper to the buttermilk & okra mixture and instead of plain salt, I used Larry's Season Salt. Everybody enjoyed.

sseiber6's Review

May 16, 2010
I love this recipe! I would make it over and over. Quick, simple, and delicious. You can serve with most anything, but I love it with fried fish, or most any fried meat.