Photo: Antonis Achilleos; Styling: Karen Tack
Makes 12

Decorating store-bought cupcakes is an easy way to add fun to a party menu. Too-cute flower dots are easy to make and add flair to a garden, fairy, or girly themed party or shower.

How to Make It

Step 1

Press 2 yellow spice drops together. Sprinkle a work surface with yellow sugar and roll out pressed drops with a rolling pin to about 1/8" thickness. Add more sugar as needed to prevent sticking. Repeat with remaining spice drops and sugar, using white drops with pink sugar. With a flower-shaped cookie cutter or small scissors, cut 1 flower from each set of flattened candies, making 12 flowers. Using scissors, cut a 1/8" slice from flat side of each green gumdrop.

Step 2

Reserve 2 Tbsp. frosting and divide remaining frosting among 3 bowls. Using food coloring, tint the frosting yellow, orange and pink. Spoon each color into a separate ziplock bag; press out air and seal.

Step 3

Snip a 1/4" corner from the bags. Starting on the outer edge of a cupcake, pipe a concentric circle of frosting to cover the top. Repeat to make 4 frosted cupcakes in each color. Top each cupcake with a spice drop flower. Dab a dot of reserved frosting in the center of each flower; top with a gumdrop slice.

Chef's Notes

This recipe has also been published as: Gumdrop-Topped Boutonnieres

Also appeared in: All You, None, 2014,Get Ready for Summer Special

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