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Hands-on Time
35 Mins
Total Time
1 Hour 52 Mins
Serves 12 (serving size: 1/4 cup rice, 2/3 cup bean stew with 1 rib, and 2 tablespoons farofa)

Feijoada is, by most accounts, the recognized national dish of Brazil. Stories often call the dish "simple," tying it to a history of slaves and struggle, with the black bean being an ingredient relegated to the underclass. Studied Brazilians would push back, pointing out that feijoada has been a celebrated menu item for all the people of (and visitors to) Brazil to enjoy since at least the 1800s. And then there's cassoulet from France, and cozido from Portugal, dishes where Europe embraced and dressed up the bean. Surely some cross-pollination occurred during settlement. Honor feijoada's long and storied history by recognizing that it's a dish as lively, gracious, and ever-evolving as the Brazilian people.

How to Make It

Step 1

Fire up a Dutch oven over medium heat.

Step 2

Add the olive oil and swirl.

Step 3


Step 4

Dry the ribs with paper towels. Add half the ribs to the Dutch oven and cook 6 minutes, browning them as evenly as possible on all sides.

Step 5

Remove the ribs and set aside. Repeat the process with the remaining 6 ribs.

Step 6

Add the chicken sausage to the Dutch oven and brown evenly on all sides, about 5 minutes.

Step 7

Remove the chicken sausage and set aside.

Step 8


Step 9

Now, add the 2 cups onion and stir until translucent, about 5 minutes.

Step 10

Add 6 garlic cloves. Cook 1 minute.

Step 11

Add the 3 cups chicken stock and beer, and stir until combined.

Step 12

Reduce heat to medium-low. Add the black beans. Stir to incorporate.

Step 13


Step 14

Return the chicken sausage and ribs to the pot.

Step 15

Add the carne seca or jerky, the bay leaves, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and the pepper.

Step 16

Monitor the pot until it comes to a slight simmer. Don't let it bubble fiercely.

Step 17

Reduce the heat to low, cover the pot, and simmer for 1 hour, until the ribs are still moist but cooked through.

Step 18

Remove the sausages and let them stand for 5 minutes.

Step 19

Cut them into a total of 12 (1/2-inch) pieces. Return them to the pot.

Step 20

Remove the carne seca or jerky, shred it, and stir the meat back into the stew.

Step 21


Step 22

Bring the 2 cups chicken stock and 1/8 teaspoon of the salt to a full rolling boil in a small saucepan.

Step 23

Add the rice and 2 garlic cloves. Stir to combine.

Step 24

Reduce heat to very low and cover.

Step 25

Cook for 12 minutes.

Step 26

Remove the pan from the heat, and, leaving the pan covered for another 10 minutes, let it stand and allow the rice to continue cooking from carry-over heat.

Step 27


Step 28

Heat a small skillet over medium heat.

Step 29

Add the butter and warm until it foams. Swirl.

Step 30

Add the 2 tablespoons onion and cook 2 minutes, until translucent.

Step 31

Add the farina and 1/8 teaspoon of the salt, and stir frequently to toast, 3 minutes.

Step 32


Step 33

Fluff the rice with a fork and spoon it evenly among 12 shallow bowls.

Step 34

Top each serving with 2/3 cup of the feijoada and 1 rib, and sprinkle each evenly with farofa.

Step 35

Serve with the orange slices.

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This recipe is wrong!!

January 08, 2017
Feijoada is never EVER made with beer, or chicken sausage, or chicken stock. Farina ( the correct word is farinha) IS NOT CREAM OF WHEAT!!!  Farofa is made with "farinha de mandioca", Yuca/ manioc flour ... a course flour that you only can find in Brazilians stores. There is no substitute.  Canned black beans? Sad.This recipe is as wrong as to make sweet potato casserole using carrots as substitute. Who did write this Frankenstein recipe????