Photo: Jamie Chung; Styling: Ariana Salvato
9 cups (serving size: 1 cup)

Say goodbye to store-bought versions: You can make fat-free, almost no-sodium stocks or broths at home in a snap with your pressure cooker. This beef broth delivers all the savory flavor of the slow-simmered recipe in about one-tenth of the cook time. Chilling the stock—as we advise in our recipe—is an easy way to remove excess fat, but you can also cool the strained liquid slightly and spoon off the excess fat for immediate use.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 500°.

Step 2

Brush tomato paste evenly over bones and shanks; place in a large roasting pan. Add celery, carrot, and onion to pan; lightly coat with cooking spray. Bake at 500° for 30 minutes.

Step 3

Transfer bone mixture to a 6- or 8-quart pressure cooker; add peppercorns, bay leaves, and parsley. Pour 8 cups water over mixture. Close lid securely, and bring to high pressure over high heat. Reduce heat to medium or level needed to maintain high pressure; cook for 35 minutes. Remove from heat; release pressure through steam vent, or place cooker under cold running water to release pressure. Remove lid, and let stand for 20 minutes. Strain stock through a cheesecloth-lined sieve into a large bowl, pressing solids to release excess moisture. Discard solids. Cover and chill overnight. Skim solidified fat from surface; discard.

Step 4

Note: Refrigerate stock for up to 1 week or freeze for up to 3 months.

Ratings & Reviews

nancylikeswine's Review

August 25, 2010
My daughter gave me her 10 year old pressure cooker and I made this recipe. It is wonderful and I can't wait to make the pot roast but this can be used whenever a reicpe calls for beef broth. It jiggles like jello. I didn't add all the beef marrow bones and it still turned out great. Julia Child needed 8 hours but thanks to Cooking Light and the pressure cooker 1 hour.