Photo: Cedric Angeles
Serves 1

Kick-start your day by pureeing silken tofu with orange juice, strawberries, banana, and a little honey for a super-healthy smoothie.

How to Make It

Puree until smooth

Ratings & Reviews

AngelaM's Review

February 28, 2013
I'm wondering if you could use Greek yogurt in place of the tofu?

babyjred's Review

February 15, 2011
So-so on the taste factor---for some reason the oj and tofu combo bothered me:) It was drinkable, though---waiting to see if it gives me some sustainable energy for the day! I used frozen strawberries and omitted the ice.

RachelRiveter's Review

July 19, 2010
This is so simple, yet delicious. I made it with strawberries yesterday and blueberries today. Its an interchangeable recipe and so yummy. I think the tofu really adds texture and health benefits! This is my favorite recipe because it requires things that I already have in my house. Perfect!

WIreba's Review

May 28, 2009
Would this be ok to make without the tofu?