4 servings (serving size: 1 sandwich)

Combine crunchy bacon, creamy egg salad, and fresh tomatoes for a quick sandwich. To lighten this egg salad, yolks from two of the eight eggs are removed. A touch of lemon rind and sour cream add a piquant edge.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine first 6 ingredients in a medium bowl, stirring well.

Step 2

Cut 2 eggs in half lengthwise; reserve 2 yolks for another use. Coarsely chop remaining egg whites and whole eggs. Add eggs to mayonnaise mixture; stir gently to combine.

Step 3

Arrange 4 bread slices on a cutting board or work surface. Top each bread slice with 1/2 cup egg mixture, 2 bacon pieces, 2 tomato slices, 1 lettuce leaf, and 1 bread slice. Serve sandwich immediately.

Step 4

Beer note: A basic guideline of pairing a beverage with food is "like with like," and bread and beer are yeasty kindreds. With an Egg Salad BLT sandwich, reach for a Samuel Adams Pale Ale ($7). The bready yeast and malt flavors are balanced with bitter hops that add some welcome snap to the meal. A cold, characterful American pale ale is also a more thirst-quenching choice than wine. --Jeffery Lindenmuth

Ratings & Reviews

April 14, 2015
The Editors omitted 2 egg yolks to lighten the recipe. You can use them in any other dish, like a green salad.

katbrown2057's Review

May 12, 2011
Last time I made egg salad, it was so bland that I decided I no longer liked egg salad. Then I came across this recipe. Oh my gosh, it is great! I made tea sandwiches instead of regular sandwiches. I took a big batch of them to a potluck and they were gone in a flash. This is my new Go To recipe for egg salad.

MeganPrice's Review

March 19, 2013
Very yummy and super fast!

gabhab's Review

April 24, 2012
My family and I were very impressed. Fast and easy - A nice change for dinner time. Will make again.

heddyq's Review

April 16, 2011
My family looks forward to Easter so they can get this sandwich. Absolute decadence.

sonalshah's Review

April 24, 2010
Great egg salad - simply and tasty. I've made it many times. I make it without the green onions and lemon and it comes out great.

eefinn's Review

October 22, 2009
I am so sad to give this recipe 1 star. I really wanted to like this egg salad but the lemon flavor was really not good in my opinion.

bellymama's Review

April 15, 2009
The egg salad itself was nothing special, although we did like the hint of lemon. (We did not find it too lemony like othe reviewers.) The idea of combining an egg salad sandwich with a blt is great -- yum! I served the sandwiches with roasted sweet potato wedges and pickles.

ErinMichelle's Review

March 11, 2009
What a delicious and satisfying sandwich. My husband hates mustard, so we substituted horseradish and it turned out great. I also added a little worcestershire that added a nice touch. Yum.


April 09, 2015
We loved this egg salad. I didn't have a lemon so left that out. After reading reviews I think I'd leave it out next time as well. I will definitely make this again!