Prep Time
20 Mins
Bake Time
15 Mins
Makes about 30 cookies

This fabulous cookie requires only four ingredients, making these quite possibly the easiest peanut butter cookies ever! Most of these ingredients you probably already have on hand in your own kitchen, which makes whipping up a batch of these beauties a snap. The classic recipe requires no flour, which makes these cookies perfect for those looking for a gluten free dessert option. Be sure to press the tops of the cookies with a fork for that "classic peanut butter cookie" look! 

How to Make It

Step 1

Stir together 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 large egg, and 1 tsp. vanilla extract in a large bowl until combined; shape dough into 1-inch balls. Place balls 1 inch apart on ungreased baking sheets, and flatten gently with tines of a fork. Bake at 325° for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove to wire racks to cool.

Step 2

Variations: Evenly press 1 cup of your desired addition, such as chocolate morsels, chocolate-coated toffee bits, or chopped peanuts, onto the top of prepared cookie dough on baking sheets; bake as directed.

Step 3

Peanut Butter-and-Chocolate Cookies: Divide peanut butter cookie dough in half. Stir 2 melted semisweet chocolate baking squares into half of dough. Shape doughs into 30 (1-inch) half peanut butter, half chocolate-peanut butter balls. Flatten gently with a spoon. Proceed as directed.

Chef's Notes

Bake time is per batch. Peanut butter cookies are the perfect holiday cookies or just a quick and easy dessert to enjoy on any week night. These are the cookies that everyone in the family will love, kids and grown-ups alike. You can top with a few chocolate chips whenever you get a chocolatey craving or enjoy their simplicity.

Ratings & Reviews

1952anna's Review

December 21, 2011
My aunt gave me this simple and delicious peanut butter cookie recipe over 40 years ago; and it's still one of my favorites. I sometimes substitute almond butter for the peanut butter, which makes a delicious cookie as well.

Great Recipe for a quick treat!

July 17, 2017
These turned out great! I did do a quick spray of cooking spray before hand since there is nothing in the recipe to help with them not sticking, and I have always rolled mine in sugar before pressing with a fork in the pan. Came out perfect. I have a very large cookie sheet so was able to get twenty-six (26) cookies out of this recipe so great snack with plenty left for the next day too!With all the reviews on the negative side, wanted to give a few pointers for people.For those who say that they burn easy, make sure your oven temp is correct and you aren't cooking them too long. When cooking peanut butter cookies, they just barely start to get that golden brown on the very edges, not over the entire cookie.Grease the pan! this recipe doesn't contain any shortening or butter so they will stick if you don't spray the pan first.Those who say they are dry, have you not ever had peanut butter cookies before? Of course they are dry, they are supposed to be the awesome crispness that just melts in your mouth and these do that. If you want them soft, eat them straight out of the oven!


June 09, 2017
These were perfect little cookies whipped up by my 11 year old! He added a little colored sugar to the top before using the fork.

My Review

June 15, 2017
 Okay so I tried it, and the part about not greasing your sheets, you should. You'll have to keep your eye on it though because the bottom burns easily. I admit, it tastes great but I won't be using this recipe. It's awesome for children who try baking for the first time.

Harder to make than they seem

June 27, 2017
I'm sure when done right this makes a great cookie, but mine had a slight taste of burn but would be so doughy they would fall apart. Make sure you don't make them too big! It's also very sugary.

A simple cookie that I wouldn't recreate

July 27, 2017
Very easy to make ... but wouldn't use for much. This is a fun little recipe to follow when bored or when you just want a quick and easy cookie. I think that they are quite odd though. I followed the recipe and didn't really get a dough. I got more of a "slush", which looked odd, but still turned into cookies in the over. So not necessarily a flop, but not the typical cookie dough. Unlike some other people, I do not think that the sugar overpowered the cookie in any way (albeit, I used just a tad bit less than the recipe called for), but I do agree that the cookie is a bit tasteless; You can tell the peanut butter it there, but it doesn't really emphasize its flavor. I also don't find the cookie very dry. Definitely grease your pan or use parchment paper (this is a MUST for most recipes) to avoid sticking. Again, I wouldn't use this recipe again. I wouldn't give these to guests/friends/family ... I would only ever recreate these when I am running out of peanut butter and just want to make a simple cookie. 

Peanut Butter Cookies, Sugar, you mean?

August 11, 2017
The first batch i made was very sugary, so I added some more peanut butter, flour, baking soda, and another egg. Hopefully they are more peanut buttery(: 

Super peanut buttery

November 14, 2017
This is an awesome recipe for those nights when you are desperately craving cookies and you don't want to go out. The whole reason Insomnia Cookies exist. Only, with this recipe you don't have to spend extra money or wait for delivery because you probably have these ingredients in your kitchen already. I heartily recommend using natural peanut butter instead of hydrogenated for this. Not out of any particular preference for natural peanut butter, it just seems like it's made for recipes like this one. All that natural peanut oil makes up for the lack of butter in this recipe. I also recommend brown sugar, because the cookies do not have enough time for the sugar to melt down completely in the oven and that's why so many people are complaining that the cookies come out sugary - they come out literally gritty with sugar if you use a larger grain like raw sugar. Use a fine, moist grain and it's no longer a problem. You can also substitute maple syrup for the vanilla extract and it's sweet enough that you can take out a few tablespoons of the granulated sugar. Also, if you don't want the crispy cookie texture that some are mentioning, let the cookies cool on the pan for five minutes before removing them to the rack. You will get a softer, more crumbly cookie out of it.

Ladyrainicorn's Review

May 13, 2013

denapina's Review

November 04, 2008
Awesome cookies and easy for my 7 year old to cook. =)