Serves 6

Time: 40 minutes. A big, spicy scramble of eggs, hot pork sausage, vegetables, and chiles in which all the flavors remain distinct.

How to Make It

Step 1

Heat olive oil in a large nonstick frying pan over medium heat. Add onion, mushrooms, salt, and pepper, and stir often until onions are light golden, about 10 minutes.

Step 2

Increase heat to medium-high, add sausage, and stir often until sausage has browned slightly and released some fat, about 5 minutes.

Step 3

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk together eggs and 3 tbsp. water.

Step 4

Reduce heat to medium and add garlic and chile flakes. Stir until garlic is fragrant, about 1 minute. Add spinach to pan and toss with tongs until it has wilted, about 2 minutes. Transfer sausage-vegetable mixture to a bowl and wipe pan clean.

Step 5

Add eggs to pan and scramble just until set, 4 to 5 minutes, then gently stir in sausage-vegetable mixture. Serve with hot sauce if you like.

Step 6

Note: Nutritional analysis is per serving.

Big Sky Café, San Luis Obispo, CA

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