Our testers loved "grilling" these frozen treats.

Maile Carpenter


Recipe Summary

4 burgers


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  • Prep time: 10 minutesFreezing time: 3 hours Scoop frozen yogurt into 4 equal-size (about 1/2 cup each) balls, then wrap with plastic wrap. Working quickly, press balls into patties, wrap with another layer of plastic, and freeze until patties are firm, 3 hours or overnight. To prepare "buns," lightly toast pound-cake slices in a toaster oven, then use a round cookie cutter or a glass to press out shapes. Remove patties from freezer, unwrap, and place on a clean baking sheet. To make "grill" marks, quickly place a cooling rack over tops of patties and dust on chocolate sprinkles, then carefully lift away rack. With a spatula, place each patty on slice of pound cake. Spread strawberry jelly on a second slice and place on top. Serve immediately.How kids can help: All steps except toasting.


Nutrition Facts

fat 13g; saturated fat 7g; sodium 263mg; cholesterol 86mg.