Rachel Weill
Total Time
25 Mins
Makes 18 pieces; 6 to 8 servings

Wrap big, soft, luscious Medjool dates in bacon, then fry until crisp. Find Medjools at Middle Eastern and gourmet grocery stores.

How to Make It

Step 1

Cut bacon slices crosswise into about 4-inch lengths. Wrap a piece snugly around each date, overlapping ends.

Step 2

Set dates, seam sides down, in a 10- to 12-inch nonstick frying pan over medium heat (you may have to fry dates in batches). Turn dates occasionally until bacon is browned and crisp on all sides, 6 to 8 minutes total. Transfer dates to paper towels to drain; blot dry. Serve warm or cool.

Step 3

Note: Nutritional analysis is per date.

Chef's Notes

You can make these dates up to 6 hours ahead; let cool, then cover and store at room temperature.

Ratings & Reviews

slocook1's Review

September 21, 2011
What a silly recipe, 18 bacon wrapped dates! I make these, with a pecan half tucked inside, for more than just myself. My God I could eat these in my sleep!!!

dcvhma's Review

December 31, 2010
Tried this because prep seemed easy enough.But, the recipe should emphasize strongly that a non-stick frying pan is required. I wasted $5 worth of dates creating a bacon-date mess, with burned highlights. Dates make the bacon stick to the pan.

bravekatie's Review

November 23, 2009
This thing is a flavor explosion. I stuff each date with an almond then wrap in bacon and fry it up. sooooooo good.

SissysCookin's Review

August 11, 2009
This an old standby for me. I like to tuck a pecan half inside the date before I wrap it in bacon. The pecan gets toasted and smoky and adds a bit of complexity to an already great taste.

ACinNYC's Review

August 11, 2009
This is a crowd pleaser and usually the first to go at parties.. I add an almond inside.. the little bite of crunch adds some nice texture. Also, smokey flavour bacon works really well with this

juliannne's Review

February 18, 2009
Great for an appetizer party! I have made this same recipe many times without the cream cheese (because I cannot eat cheese) and it has also received rave reviews. One tip, don't try it in the microwave. The dates get too hot and split open before the bacon is done.

Joelc75's Review

February 16, 2009
The only reason why I would rate this recipe low is because they forgot a key ingredient...Cream Cheese. The cream cheese adds a sour complexity to compliment the sweet and salty. I have made this appetizer dozens and dozens of times to rave reviews. Be sure to make plenty as left-overs are unheard of!