Photo: Lee Harrelson; Styling: Leigh Ann Ross
4 servings

Try these spicy black bean patties for a vegetarian twist on crab cakes.  Serve on top of rice that's been tossed with butter, fresh pineapple, cilantro, and a bit of salt.

How to Make It

Step 1

To prepare rice, cook rice according to package directions, omitting salt and fat. Drain; place rice in a large bowl. Melt butter in a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add pineapple; sauté 4 minutes or just until pineapple begins to brown. Add pineapple mixture, cilantro, and 1/4 teaspoon salt to rice in bowl; cover and keep warm. Wipe pan clean with paper towels.

Step 2

To prepare patties, place 1 1/2 cups beans, garlic, cumin, and 1/8 teaspoon salt in a bowl; partially mash with a fork. Place 1/2 cup remaining beans and egg white in a food processor; process 30 seconds or until well combined. Add bean puree to mashed beans in bowl, and stir until combined. Add cheese and onion to bean mixture; stir until combined. Divide bean mixture into 4 equal portions, shaping each into a 1/2-inch-thick patty. Place cornmeal in a shallow dish. Dredge both sides of each patty in cornmeal.

Step 3

Heat pan over medium-high heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Add patties; cook 3 minutes on each side or until browned. Spoon about 1/2 cup rice onto each of 4 plates; top each serving with 1 patty and 1 tablespoon sour cream.

Chef's Notes

You can prepare the patties in advance up to the point of dredging them in cornmeal; cover and refrigerate. Purchase precut, fresh pineapple in the produce section to save time.

Ratings & Reviews

Nice combo

August 23, 2017
I came here thinking what am I gonna do with the left over patties (store bought). It's a very nice combo. I'm going to go with my ideas of taste and try out the rice with patties together. A small suggestion to readers is that use the basic idea and alter the spices to your taste. It works well for me trying out several recipes that way. And this works well for a complete vegetarian like me (been like this for the past 7-8generations maybe!) Reserving a star because I'm going to cook now :)

cal1runner's Review

September 14, 2009
This dish was delicious and nutritious so I will definitely make it again! The pineapple with the brown basmati rice I used complemented the black bean patty very well. This dish has a lot of protein, good fats, and fiber in it, which is just an added bonus to a tasty dinner!

7laakes's Review

October 16, 2012
This meal was very good, and easy. I did double, add more cumin, and some chili powder. I used canned pineapple, fresh would be even better.

LorraineG's Review

October 11, 2009
This has become a staple for us, we have a vegetarian in the family and this works out well every time. My mini chopper gets the mixture ready quickly and the patties have great texture and flavor. They freeze well, just add a salad and you have a delicious, healthy supper.

dena9472's Review

July 04, 2010
I thought this recipe was great, despite the mixed reviews. The patties held together well, you just have to be careful when flipping them. The combination of the rice, patty, and sour cream was great. My boyfriend and I both loved it, and we are only "part time" vegetarians.

rederin's Review

August 16, 2010
This was really tasty and easy. I took others' suggestions and used two cans of beans. I also used a whole egg, not just the white, and skipped the puree step. I refrigerated the patties for about 30 minutes before cooking them, so they held together well. The rice was nice, too. Others complained of blandness so I cooked in chicken broth, which I know doesn't help the veg's out there regarding suggestions. My husband really liked it, too.

GBlondieP's Review

April 03, 2009
This dish has wonderful flavors - I've made it twice and my meat-eating boyfriend and his vegetarian sister both love it as much as I do. To be honest, the black bean cakes aren't the prettiest things in the world but they're delicious and filling so I'll definitely be making them again soon. Also, the flavor of the pineapple rice matches perfectly with the bean cakes so definitely make it too!

BoCoNorm's Review

February 22, 2013
I originally used this recipe for a Lenten Friday non-meat dinner. It became a family favorite that my kids ask for. My family has a issues with spicy heat, so I used shredded plain monteray jack. My only knock is that it requires 2 cups of beans. Most canned beans have 1.5 cups in the can. I use two cans and kind of gestimate on the ingredients. I leave the rice amounts alone, but I do add a little minced onion to the butter and pineapple when it is cooking. I also add a little salt to the rice.

Ruthie927's Review

January 15, 2014

CarolinaFoodie's Review

December 15, 2009
Recipe works. I cut back on the amount of cumin but still felt it was overwhelming. The cheese is essential to help keep the patties together. Will make again with a few seasoning tweaks.