Christina Schmidhofer
Makes 12 to 16 servings

This peppermint cheesecake features a homemade Oreo cookie crust and crushed peppermint candy topping. It's hard to imagine a more festive holiday dessert.

How to Make It

Step 1

Place cookies in a heavy zip-lock plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Pour into a buttered 9-inch round springform pan and pour melted butter over crumbs; mix to coat, then press evenly over bottom and about 1/2 inch up sides of pan. Bake in a 300° oven until crust is slightly darker and looks a bit dry, about 10 minutes (leave oven on).

Step 2

Meanwhile, in a bowl, with a mixer on medium speed, beat cream cheese and sugar until well blended. Beat in sour cream. Add eggs one at a time, beating to blend after each addition. Beat in flour, vanilla, peppermint extract, and salt until smooth. Pour cream cheese mixture into pan over baked crust.

Step 3

Bake until edges are just golden and center jiggles slightly when pan is gently shaken, about 1 hour. Run a knife around edge of pan rim. Place pan on a wire rack and cool cheesecake completely in pan. Cover and chill until cold, at least 4 hours or up to 2 days. Run a knife around rim again, then release rim. If any liquid has pooled on surface of cheesecake, blot dry gently with a paper towel.

Step 4

Decorate top of cake with crushed peppermint candy, pressing it in gently with your hands.

Chef's Notes

PREP AND COOK TIME: About 1 1/2 hours, plus at least 4 hours to cool and chill

Ratings & Reviews

RobHunter's Review

December 23, 2009
I have been making this Holiday Treat EVERY year!! It's easy to make with kids, everyone gobbles it down, rich as it is, and you can even substitute low fat sour cream and low fat cream cheese! It's TDO!!!

Shane324's Review

December 19, 2012

pastrylou's Review

December 26, 2011
I'm sorry to say, but this was a pretty bad cheeseacake. I baked it for well over an hour, the top cracked but it still didnt seem done. Maybe I was supposed to bake in a waterbath, but the instructions did not say to. I also felt like this was not sweet enough. If I were to make a cheesecake similar to this I would top it with ganache.then the peppermnt candies

bellcomstock's Review

December 22, 2010
I made this for a dinner party for my husband's December birthday. Everyone thought is was delicious -- a nice twist on the classic cheesecake. This is the first time I've made a cheesecake, and it came out perfectly.

bsmith913's Review

December 12, 2012
I have made this for the past 3 years for Christmas Parties and my boss who has studied at the Cordon Bleu in Paris raves about this cheesecake! It has turned out great everytime I make it. I make sure the creamcheese and eggs are at room temperature too!

xochytl's Review

December 27, 2011
I made this recipe twice this holiday season and folks raved. The first time I followed the recipe and the second time I used low fat versions of the cookies and cream cheese and fat free sour cream. The low fat version was just as good as the first version.

jequizz's Review

December 26, 2011
I agree with pastrylou. My cheesecake cracked and was overdone. The flavor was pretty bad also. If you followed this recipe, I really don't understand how you could like it... It also seemed like there were definitely NOT enough Oreos for the crust.

Kimberly40's Review

December 26, 2010
This was an excellent cheesecake! I made it for Christmas dinner this year and everyone raved. I chose not to put the crushed candies on the cheesecake - would get funky with the leftovers. So I put a dallop of freshly whipped cream on top of each slice as I served it and sprinkled some candies on that. Very good and easy to make!

ChaChaMathew's Review

November 15, 2012