Photo: AmyByrnes
Prep Time
10 Mins
Cook Time
3 Hours 15 Mins
8 servings

How to Make It

Step 1

Add butter, chicken broth, hash browns, chicken,and bacon to slow cooker. Cover and cook on HIGH for about 2 hours.

Step 2

Remove lid and stir in the vegetable mix, corn, peas. Cook 1 hour.

Step 3

In a small bowl combine cornstarch with 1/4 cup water, stir until smooth. Then stir cornstarch mixture into the slow cooker. (keep lid off)

Step 4

Cube the cream cheese and add into the slow cooker. Stir until melted.

Step 5

Let cook until soup is thickened (probably about 10-15 minutes).

Step 6

Add in pepper and salt to taste.

Step 7

Ladle into bowls and serve with biscuits.

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