Prep Time
10 Mins
Cook Time
5 Mins

How to Make It

Step 1

SNAP off tough asparagus ends; discard. Peel ends of spears with sharp paring knife or vegetable peeler, if desired.

Step 2


Step 3

PLACE 5 cups water and 1 teaspoon of the salt in large deep skillet; bring to a boil. Add asparagus spears. Boil, uncovered, 4 to 5 minutes for thin spears, or up to 8 to 10 minutes for thick spears, or until crisp-tender. Drain well. Transfer asparagus to serving plate.

Step 4


Step 5

COMBINE orange juice, lemon juice, sugar, mustard, remaining salt and pepper in jar with tight fitting lid; shake well. Add oil; shake well again. Pour as much dressing as desired over warm asparagus. Serve at room temperature.

Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9

This salad can also be served chilled. Do not top spears with dressing until just prior to serving.

Step 10


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