Photo: Jan Smith
12 servings (serving size: 2 mushrooms)

Sprinkling breadcrumbs into the mushroom caps before stuffing helps to absorb some of the liquid the mushrooms release when cooked. Mexican chorizo is made with fresh pork (unlike Spanish chorizo, which uses smoked pork) and can be found in most supermarkets and Latin groceries. Prepare the stuffing up to a day in advance, and assemble the mushroom caps the afternoon of the party.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 400°.

Step 2

To prepare stuffing, remove casings from chorizo. Cook chorizo, onion, and garlic in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat for 6 minutes or until browned, stirring to crumble. Drain chorizo mixture; pat dry with paper towels. Combine chorizo mixture and corn in a bowl. Combine cream cheese and sour cream in a small bowl; stir with a whisk until smooth. Add cheese mixture and salt to chorizo mixture.

Step 3

Place white bread in a food processor; pulse 10 times or until fine crumbs measure 1 cup.

Step 4

Fill each mushroom cap with about 3/4 teaspoon breadcrumbs. Stuff each with 2 teaspoons corn mixture; top with remaining breadcrumbs. Place on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray. Coat each mushroom with cooking spray. Bake at 400° for 20 minutes or until tops are browned.

Ratings & Reviews

Good appetizer

December 14, 2015
The flavor was good, but it wasn't all that "creamy" as the recipe title suggests. For my 2nd batch, I ran the stuffing thru the food processor for a few pulses. It helped a lot with the texture and the flavor stayed intact.

Dh2angel's Review

July 02, 2014
We enjoyed this recipe, mostly because stuffed mushrooms are a bit of a novelty for us and a nice breakup from the daily routine. We used italian sausage in place of chorizo which would have been to spicy for the kids. We also made them on the grill which was fun. They were good but not particularly special. For the labor involved I think next time I would just buy something ready made like artichoke dip to stuff the mushrooms with for convenience and probably enjoy just as much.

ammycek's Review

December 06, 2012

MichelleC1974's Review

December 24, 2011
I used Soyrizo from Trader Joes instead. I'm not even a vegetarian but like that it is healthier substitution. Less grease. Made with smaller mushrooms as an appetizer for Thanksgiving, but am opting to make with the bigger ones as a side dish for Christmas. Everybody loved them & they went fast!! So delicious! FYI- This makes enough filling for 30 mushrooms, I found.

Harlow520's Review

November 23, 2011
I have made these for a couple events, and not only are they always gone by the end of the night, I'm asked to make them again, and again. Looks like I have new Thanksgiving tradition!

KevinP's Review

December 03, 2010
Made these for a Thanksgiving appetizer and they were a big hit! I used the smaller mushrooms as opposed to the larger ones. The chorizo sausage, corn and cream cheese/sour cream mixture makes a very flavorful taste and texture combination. Whenever an appetizer is specifically requested like this one it's a hit in my book!

Tigerfan7's Review

January 20, 2010
My husband and I both love spicy food, so the chorizo in this recipe was a hit with us. I bought stuffer mushrooms and found that the ratio of mushroom to stuffing was a bit high for us, so I will buy smaller mushrooms next time.

DanaSam's Review

February 01, 2009
This has great flavor and was THE hit app at a recent Super Bowl party. I will definitely make these again.

StephMerrifield's Review

January 02, 2009
I took a chance on this for a dinner party, since I hadn't tried it before and it was very yummy. My husband liked it because it was a new twist on stuffed mushrooms and something a little unusual. Look for large mushrooms - it makes a lot of stuffing.

jroseanne's Review

December 14, 2008
I love this recipe! I've made these mushrooms many times with great results. My only change is to sub Italian sausage for the Chorizo.