Prep Time
25 Mins
Cook Time
5 Mins
Makes 20 popcorn balls (serving size: 1 popcorn ball)

Full of popcorn, teddy bear cookies, and candy corn and glued together by melted marshmallows, this treat will be a hit. You'll need to work quickly to shape the balls, so gather everyone to help.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine marshmallows and butter in a Dutch oven. Cook over medium-low heat until melted and smooth, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat.

Step 2

Combine popcorn and graham cracker cookies in a big bowl. Pour marshmallow mixture over popcorn mixture, tossing to coat. Stir in candy corn. Spray hands with cooking spray, and shape popcorn mixture into 3-inch balls, pressing together firmly. Cool on wax paper. Wrap balls in plastic wrap. Store in an airtight container up to 3 days.

Ratings & Reviews

TonyaLaVette's Review

October 28, 2011
The teddy bear graham crackers are a wonderful addition!