Prep Time
10 Mins
Makes 1 serving

The only margarita recipe you'll need, this easy cocktail is a simple mix of shaken fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, tequila, and powdered sugar.

How to Make It

Step 1

Rub rim of a chilled margarita glass with lime wedge, and dip rim in salt to coat, if desired.

Step 2

Fill cocktail shaker half full with ice. Add lime juice, liqueur, tequila, and powdered sugar; cover with lid, and shake until thoroughly chilled. Strain into prepared glass. Garnish, if desired, and serve immediately.

Step 3

*1/3 cup thawed frozen limeade concentrate may be substituted for fresh lime juice. Omit powdered sugar, and proceed with recipe as directed.

Step 4

Note: For testing purposes only, we used Cointreau for orange liqueur and Jose Cuervo Especial for tequila.

Step 5

Frozen Margarita: Combine lime juice, liqueur, tequila, and powdered sugar in a small pitcher or measuring cup; stir until powdered sugar is dissolved. Pour into a zip-top plastic freezer bag. Seal and freeze 8 hours. Let stand 5 minutes at room temperature before serving. Pour into prepared glass. Makes 1 serving.

Step 6

Frozen Strawberry Margaritas: Process lime juice, liqueur, tequila, powdered sugar, 1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries*, and 1 cup crushed ice in a blender until slushy. Rub rim of 2 chilled margarita glasses with lime wedge, and dip rim in red decorator sugar to coat, if desired. Serve immediately in prepared glasses. Makes 2 servings.

Step 7

*Your favorite fruit, such as watermelon, peaches, or berries, may be substituted.

Step 8

Margarita Sunrise: Pour lime juice, liqueur, tequila, powdered sugar, and 3 Tbsp. orange juice over ice in a cocktail shaker. Cover with lid, and shake until thoroughly chilled. Strain into prepared glass. Add 3 Tbsp. club soda or lemon-lime soft drink for a little fizz, if desired. Top with 2 tsp. grenadine. Serve immediately. Makes 1 serving.

Step 9

Melon Margarita: Substitute melon liqueur for orange liqueur. Proceed with recipe as directed. Makes 1 serving.

Step 10

Note: For testing purposes only, we used Midori for melon liqueur.

Chef's Notes

For a shortcut, substitute frozen limeade concentrate for the lime juice and sugar. Like it slushy? Add ice and whiz the mixture in a blender. Make any size batch of this recipe and all the variations by simply multiplying the ingredient measurements by the desired number of servings. For larger batches, stir together all ingredients in a pitcher until powdered sugar is dissolved. Chill and serve over ice. For a sweeter drink, use 1/2 cup powdered sugar instead of 1/3 cup.

Ratings & Reviews

GailHahs4's Review

March 01, 2011
We didn't change a thing to this recipe. These are by far the best margaritas we've ever tasted. YUM!! Our company last night loved them.

conniel1's Review

August 18, 2010
The best Margarita I have ever tasted. I will definitely serve this again. All my guests agreed.

BeckaBean's Review

January 24, 2013
I really liked this. I used Jose Cuervo SIlver tequila and Triple Sec. I didn't have any fresh lime juice, so I used some Key Lime juice I had left over from a Key Lime pie I had made. I wasn't so sure about the powdered sugar so I only used 1/3 cup. It was really good in it though, not too sweet. I will totally make this again.

TXJake's Review

August 07, 2013

Holley's Review

April 13, 2010

donbsea's Review

June 07, 2012

WolfJudy's Review

February 07, 2012
This is the best! However, I have to admit that I used Splenda instead of sugar. But no one knew :-)

ShannanH's Review

January 24, 2011
I like to add a splash of Amaretto. It takes the bite out and is ohhhh sooo good!!