Create an edible string of multi-colored Christmas lights with this unique idea for chocolate-covered strawberries.

Recipe by MyRecipes November 2015


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Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • In separate bowls, melt down candy melts in the microwave.

  • Dip 4 strawberries into the red candy melts, sprinkle with multi-colored sprinkles (as desired) and let them set on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Repeat this process with the blue, green and yellow candy melts. Transfer baking sheet to the rerfrigerator for 10 minutes.

  • Cut the black licorice into 1/2 inch pieces. Break toothpicks in half and insert into each piece of licorice.

  • Cut off the stems from each strawberry. Transfer melted black candy melts to a zip top bag and cut off a bottom corner for piping. Pipe out melted black candy melts around the base of each piece of licorice. While the black candy melts are still warm and melted insert the black licorice into the tops of the strawberries.

  • Using the black candy melts, pipe out a zigzag line onto a platter. Connecting the top of the strawberries to the line, place the strawberries onto the platter to form a string of Christmas lights.