Photo: Francesco Tonelli; Styling: Thom Driver
Hands-on Time
35 Mins
Total Time
35 Mins
Serves 8 (serving size: 1/2 cup cake, 1/4 cup strawberries, and about 3 1/2 tablespoons fondue)

This is pure chocolate indulgence, with a whiff of hazelnut. Keep in mind that fondue is more versatile than you may think—it's a warm sauce to drizzle over cake, ice cream, or yogurt. Be sure to start with a high-quality chocolate for the best flavor and texture.

--Recipe by Marge Perry, October 2000

How to Make It

Combine first 3 ingredients in a medium saucepan; cook over medium-low heat for 5 minutes or until smooth, stirring constantly. Stir in sugar and syrup. Cook 10 minutes or until mixture is smooth, stirring constantly. Stir in liqueur. Pour into a fondue pot. Keep warm over low flame. Serve with cake and strawberries.

Ratings & Reviews

Tinkerbell0914's Review

July 22, 2013

Stargazeer's Review

February 01, 2013
This was so cloyingly sweet, it was inedible in my opinion. The sickening sweetness overpowered any trace of using "high quality chocolate". Yes, I would have rather just sipped on the Frangelico! Just awful. Sorry.

Jane00's Review

May 04, 2012
This was delicious. I substituted bittersweet chocolate because we like it better in everything. It also kept well in the refrigerator for several weeks and could be reheated in the microwave for a quick indulgence.

erinslog's Review

February 16, 2012
This was my first time making chocolate fondue and I was very disappointed with this recipe. It was disgustingly way too sweet. I have no idea why there is a need for the sugar and the corn syrup. The extra sugar made this dish almost unpalatable. It was a waste of Frangelico. Do not make this recipe.