Total Time
40 Mins
Serves 4 (serving size: 1 chicken breast half, 2/3 cup brussels sprouts, and 2 tablespoons sauce)

A zesty mustard sauce dresses chicken breasts and sautéed Brussels sprouts. Paired with Rosemary Potatoes, Chicken with Brussels Sprouts and Mustard Sauce will be one of your go-to meals for busy weeknights.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 450°.

Step 2

Heat a large ovenproof skillet over high heat. Add 1 tablespoon oil. Sprinkle chicken with 1/4 teaspoon salt and pepper; add to pan. Cook 3 minutes or until browned. Turn chicken; place pan in oven. Bake at 450° for 9 minutes or until done. Remove chicken from pan; keep warm. Heat pan over medium-high heat. Add 1/2 cup broth and cider; bring to a boil, scraping pan to loosen browned bits. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer 4 minutes or until thickened. Whisk in mustard, 1 tablespoon butter, and parsley.

Step 3

Heat remaining 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon butter in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add Brussels sprouts; sauté 2 minutes or until lightly browned. Add remaining 1/8 teaspoon salt and 1/4 cup broth to pan; cover and cook 4 minutes or until crisp-tender. Serve sprouts with chicken and sauce.

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Ratings & Reviews


February 26, 2013
I made this last night and it definitely is not a go to meal on a busy day/night. The total prep time to clean the sprouts, trim off bottoms, cut in 1/2 as well as washing the potatoes, cutting, and dousing them in the herb mixture was very time consuming. All in all, it was 2 hours later we finally sat down to eat. I didn't have cider so I used apple juice. I will not mince the rosemary next time, but will lay sprigs after they've been oiled next to the potatoes to seep the flavor into the potatoes. Next time, I'm going to prep the veggies the day before! I will be increasing the mustard sauce volume because after you reduce the liquid to a thicker consistency, you don't really have enough left for 4 chicken breasts. My family loved the flavors and said it was a keeper and wanted it again. I think it will have to be a meal that I have on the weekends due to prep time. I will be making this again.

stimply's Review

March 07, 2013
Really enjoyed this last night. I made this without reading any reviews first. Just glanced over some and I completely agree on doubling the ingredients to make the sauce. Maybe even tripling it if you want to get some onto the sprouts also. I thought everything else was spot on. Next time I'd cook the chicken longer than 3 minutes before putting it into the oven only to get them browner and more attractive. We had this with twice baked sweet potatoes and the combo was pretty tasty.

EICrabb's Review

February 05, 2015
Very good sauce. I roasted the brussels sprouts as I like them better that way. Used white wine instead of apple cider as I didn't have any cider.

Emmak85's Review

August 28, 2013
Amazingly easy to make and delicious even my partner who is a chef couldn't find fault

koriander's Review

August 12, 2013
I really liked this, but my husband did not. Perhaps you need to be a fan of mustard? Whatever the reason, I followed the recipe including buying unfiltered apple juice - it was really expensive so I would try the suggestions in the reviews using regular apple juice. Fortunately I thought the leftovers reheated well, so I was happy to have this for lunch at work.

Anewjrny's Review

February 26, 2013
Tried this on my family tonight. I have never had Brussel sprouts before and my mom has but has never liked them. Well I liked them very much and my mom liked them too. I did saute them with olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette about a dime size, garlic, salt and pepper. Very good!!!

SuzanneM's Review

February 22, 2013
I add my raves to those of other reviewers. We loved this meal. I appreciate this community for their good suggestions. I pounded the breasts flatter (cutting down cooking time), using apple juice mixed with a bit of cornstarch, increasing the amount of sauce, and cooked everything at 425 degrees rather than 450. We thought the mustard was just enough flavor without overpowering any of the other favors. I also made the roast potatoes ( using dill rather than rosemary, which we don't care for). Everything came together quickly and at the same time. This could definitely be a company meal. Totally delicious.

cowgirlkendra's Review

February 20, 2013
We ended up liking this recipe, with a couple of caveats: - The chicken was a bit bland. I prepared it as directed, but the sauce definitely is definitely what gave it flavor. I usually like recipes where the meat also has flavor, and the sauce is the compliment... not the other way around. - The recipe used enirely too many pans and just seemed a little complex for the taste payoff. If I use three separate pans (four if you include the potatoes), the recipe better be darn good. I just didn't feel like the payoff was there. In the end, my husband and I loved the potatoes, brussel sprouts and the sauce. The chicken? Meh.

Delicious, kids thought so too!

October 14, 2016
I was surprised my kids gobbled this up as fast as they did considering they aren't fans of brussels sprouts or mustard.  I used the thin-sliced chicken breasts available frozen at costco and the recipe times matched actual cooking time.  Will make again!

Delicious and I only altered the recipe a bit.

May 25, 2016
Currently making this dish. Certainly not a dish to prepare on the fly, but lots of flavors. I checked out reviews before making this and not only did I salt and pepper my chicken, but I added garlic powder and onion powder for added flavor. For the sauce I tripled the recipe and so glad that I did, it will be enough for my family of 5, this way every bite gets some of that sauce. Since I tripled the recipe I used 1/4 of white wine in place of the apple cider. I also added some corn starch to help make the sauce a bit thicker, otherwise it is not very saucy. I made the roasted potatoes for the side and included dill, rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper and used a black truffle infused olive oil to coat them. You definitely need prep time for this recipe so if you're looking for a quick meal this would not be your go to meal, but this certainly is a tasty one.