Prep Time
10 Mins
Cook Time
25 Mins
Makes 4 servings

How to Make It

Step 1

Cook first 3 ingredients in hot oil in a large skillet over medium heat, 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add ground beef, and cook 8 to 10 minutes, stirring until beef crumbles and is no longer pink; drain and set aside.

Step 2

Bring 1 1/2 cups chicken broth to a boil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat; stir in shell macaroni, and return to a boil. Cook, covered, 8 to 10 minutes or until shells are tender, stirring occasionally.

Step 3

Stir in beef mixture, cheese sauce from packet, basil, pepper, and remaining 1/2 cup chicken broth. Serve immediately.

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