James Carrier

Prepare these kid-friendly quesadillas on the grill for a smoky flavor and pretty presentation. Stuff with cooked chicken breast, veggies, or additional cheese, if desired.

How to Make It

Spread about cheese over half of each tortilla; fold bare halves over cheese. Grill over a solid bed of hot coals or high heat on a gas grill (you can hold your hand at grill level for only 2 to 3 seconds), turning once, for 2 minutes total. Cut into wedges.

Ratings & Reviews

haricot's Review

May 02, 2013

brandycgarth's Review

June 10, 2012
This is definitely a dish worth a try .. It tastes good that I really want to do it over and over again. I made it with some recipe I got from Gourmandia and it's really a hit!

wannadanc's Review

January 14, 2010
I do mine in the frying pan, instead of grill - as a matter of convenience. I add mango/peach salsa (from Costco) to the cheese before cooking. Also recommend Tabasco Chipotle depending on personal taste.