Photo: James Baigrie
Prep Time
15 Mins
Other Time
1 Hour 15 Mins
Makes 4 servings

Grilling salmon on a cedar plank is one of the tastiest ways to enjoy this omega-3-rich fish. A rub made from brown sugar, cayenne, and thyme pairs perfectly with salmon and really accents the natural flavors.

How to Make It

Preheat a gas grill to high; adjust to medium low after 15 minutes. (If cooking over charcoal, allow the coals to burn until they are covered with white ash.) Place the salmon skin-side down on the cedar plank.

Combine the brown sugar, oil, thyme, and cayenne in a bowl. Spread over the salmon. Place the planked salmon on the grilling grate and cook, with grill covered, about 40 minutes or just until the surface fat begins to turn white.

Rainy-Day Method: Preheat oven to 325° F. Prepare the salmon as described above, then roast on the cedar plank for about 25 minutes.

Chef's Notes

Cedar boards for grilling are sold at gourmet food shops, housewares stores, and lumberyards. (Make sure the lumber hasn't been treated with preservatives or other chemicals.) The fish comes out smoky and moist. You'll never grill salmon the traditional way again.

Ratings & Reviews

HennyPenny's Review

June 30, 2012
I was so looking forward to this dish, and was so disappointed. All I could taste was the sweet with no salt to balance it. I should have followed my instincts and salted the fish before adding the rub. Also, I don't think the thyme worked with the brown sugar/cayenne pepper mixture. As for the cooking method, I was less than impressed. The fish was overcooked in 15 minutes, much less the 40 minutes recommended in the directions. I would have been better off to have grilled it directly on the racks and watched it more closely. I won't make this recipe again.

cyclegal's Review

May 28, 2012

bears4me's Review

April 10, 2012
This was sooo easy and delicious, I had a smaller salmon, cut the recipe in half -- it was a little sweet and I made it a bit hotter -- you can adjust that part to your liking. Scalloped potatoes and roasted green beans on the side, grilled on a cedar plank, it was fabulous!

kvluv2cook's Review

August 03, 2011
Simply delicious, and so easy to make with only 4 ingredients in the rub! This was our first grilled-fish-on-a-plank experience and we'll definitely repeat it. I had a 1.3 lb filet of wild salmon so I halved the amount of brown sugar after reading reviews that thought the rub was too sweet. Kept the other measures same. Turned out beautifully and full of flavor both sweet & heat. This will be a go-to salmon rub recipe for us going forward!

Cristy's Review

June 20, 2011
Our guest loved it! It has a good sweet/heat ratio.

phxhenson's Review

August 29, 2010
EASY and wow!

kbellt's Review

August 13, 2010
Melt in your mouth good.

erincook's Review

July 21, 2010
our favorite salmon! we've had this as a family, with company, made it at company. buy the salmon- everything else is a staple. make it once & you've got the recipe memorized! this is our go-to salmon recipe & I've given it out several times too. the edges get sweet & crispy- like candy! this is so good.

taMaYo's Review

April 05, 2009
I thought this recipe was WAY too sweet. Will not repeat...