12 servings

This warm, gooey bread is best served immediately.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine brown sugar and walnuts in a small bowl. Stir in butter. Spoon half of sugar mixture in bottom of a greased Bundt pan.

Step 2

Cut each biscuit in half (use kitchen scissors for quick cutting). Place half of biscuit halves alternately over sugar mixture. Spoon remaining sugar mixture over biscuits in pan; top with remaining biscuits. Bake at 350° for 30 to 35 minutes or until browned. Turn out onto a serving platter immediately, spooning any sauce left in pan over bread.

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Ratings & Reviews

MrsSullivan8710's Review

January 09, 2012
This is amazingly delicious and so easy! I had the same trouble with the Pillsbury Grands biscuits, I took mine out when it was "done" and "browned", but the inside was a little doughy. I put it on a baking sheet with foil and cooked it for another 15minutes--no more doughiness, but it fell apart. None the less it still tastes great! I'm going to share it on my blog www.colleenandkeith.blogspot.com. Next time I will used the Flaky Layers biscuits as suggested by AndryKenn and cover with foil and cook for a little extra.

daisylover26's Review

December 22, 2009
This bread is amazing!! I make it every year on Christmas Eve to go with our breakfast dinner and then we eat the leftovers Christmas Day morning. It's really important to use the flaky layers biscuits, NOT the Grands kind. The recipe calls for cinnamon biscuits, but Pilsbury doesn't make those anymore, so I just use the plain ones. You could add your own cinnamon sugar if you want, but the bread is great without it. I daydream about this stuff weeks before Christmas!

AndryKenn's Review

December 06, 2008
Used this recipe from the Ultimate Quick and Easy Cookbook. Called for plain refrigerated biscuits and to bake for 30 minutes or until browned. Used Pillsbury Grands biscuits. Came out brown on top, but was doughy and inedible throughout most of the bread -- we could only eat the edges. Will try again with changes found in listed recipe here on the site and let you know!