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Make this too-cute Halloween food craft with just two ingredients and a bit of assembly. Using prepared cookie dough as a “cob,” simply press kernels of candy corn into place to create a sugary look-alike of corn on the cob. Making these candy corn cobs is an easy and fun Halloween project for kids, and the completed corny confections could be used as playful name card holders for a Halloween dinner party. You may need to gently reform each into a cob shape if the dough begins to soften as you place the corn—but once you’re finished, simply pop all of the corn-filled cobs back into the freezer for a few hours if you want them to remain super firm for a while. Although we wouldn’t recommend eating an entire candy corn on the cob in a sitting (unless you’re looking for a serious sugar overload), if anyone wants to take a nibble, just be sure to let any guests know that the core is made using raw cookie dough, in case allergies are a concern. Packaged raw cookie dough is typically pasteurized, thus considered safe to consume raw. However, if you’re not completely comfortable using packaged dough, try using a homemade edible cookie dough recipe instead. Another alternative to cookie dough is using bananas cut into 2- to 3-inch pieces for the cob. Pro-tip: Work in rows of candy corn down the entire length of the cob rather than forming cylindrical rows around the diameter of the log—it’s a lot easier.  

Recipe by MyRecipes May 2017


Recipe Summary

35 mins
1 hr 35 mins
6 candy corn cobs


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Instructions Checklist
  • Roll the cookie dough into 6 (2-inch) logs, using 4 cookies’ worth of dough portions per log. Place logs onto a parchment paper-lined platter; freeze 1 hour. 

  • Transfer platter of cookie dough logs to the refrigerator. Working 1 log at a time on a parchment paper-lined surface (leave the remaining logs in the refrigerator), gently press the narrow tips of candy corn kernels into the log, forming rows down the length of the cookie dough log. Continue, gently rotating the log as necessary until it is completely covered in rows of candy corn. Return the completed candy corn cob to the refrigerated platter. Repeat process with remaining logs and candy corn. Cover the platter with plastic wrap and refrigerate or freeze until ready to use.