Randy Mayor; Melanie J. Clarke
4 servings (serving size: 1 chop)

Though these pork chops require overnight brining, they make dinner the next night a breeze. Brine these chops up to two days beforehand. Just remove from brine after an overnight soak, cover in plastic wrap, and refrigerate until ready to cook.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine first 6 ingredients in a large zip-top plastic bag; shake well to dissolve salt and sugar. Add pork; seal and refrigerate overnight, turning bag occasionally. Remove pork from bag; discard brine. Pat pork dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle pork with pepper.

Step 2

Heat a large nonstick grill pan over medium-high heat. Coat the pan with cooking spray. Add pork; cook 3 1/2 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness.

Ratings & Reviews

My husband said "The best pork I have ever eaten.

June 10, 2015
I did not have kosher salt, so I used 1 Tablespoon Sea Salt.  That might have made the difference from the reviewers who said it was too salty.  Next time we will make one change and not grill it on the stove top - too much greasy smoke in the kitchen - we will use the outdoor gas grill, other than that we will not change a thing.

Very good marinade

March 27, 2015
Really easy to prep. The buttermilk is a great balance to the saltiness. I increased the herbs to 1 tbl. Wiped off the brine before cooking. I grilled the chops 4 mins on each side and it came out perfect.

MarkShap's Review

August 18, 2014
For people who think this is too salty, I recommend just giving the chops a rinse when taking them out of the brine. You have to use the salt though. Otherwise, it's just a marinade. The salt is an essential component of the brine (salt+liquid) that works its magic on the proteins in the meat and makes it more tender and moist.

CAgirlinIA's Review

July 19, 2013
I used this recipe several years ago for thick Iowa chops and remembered it as being a bit salty. Today I used it on a pork tenderloin but only used one cup buttermilk, 2 teas. kosher salt and 2 teas. sugar - I used a a good amount of fresh rosemary and fresh sage. I put it in the brine at 8:30 AM and took it out at 5 PM, wiped it off and used Trader Joe's Lemon Pepper all over, then sprayed it lightly with Pam olive oil spray before I put it on a charcoal fire; seared it on both sides and then covered the grill and let it cook until the temperature was 155 F, letting it set for about 10 minutes. I've cooked a lot of pork tenderloins but my husband raved about this one :) (I wanted to be as detailed as possible for when I make it next time)

mwstinson's Review

May 23, 2013
Wow! The chops were so moist and flavorful! I didn't get to marinate them overnight b/c I decided to do them the next morning, but even with a short 8 hour stay in the marinade they were still great. I used orange mint and lemon balm instead of the sage and rosemary b/c of my family's preferences, and along with the lemon peel, it gave the chops a nice light citrusy flavor. I didn't have kosher salt so I used sea salt instead. I also rinsed them before cooking and I think that kept them from being too salty. I may use a little less salt next time, but will definitely do again.

EllenDeller's Review

July 27, 2011
I have made this many, many times, though sometimes I've used a thicker boneless chop and sometimes it's just brined around 10 hours. I've found that half the amount of brine works perfectly well and you don't wind up wasting all that buttermilk. In short, these are fabulous. They look dry from the outside, but so tender inside! Use kosher salt and just wipe them off unless you're unusually sensitive to salt. I'd hate to rinse off all that good flavor.

dory92064's Review

February 03, 2011
Nice, light flavor. Used little less salt, 1 TB rosemary, 1 TB sage and 2 TB lemon rind; marinated overnight. Used thick, boneless porkchops. Would definitley make again. Baked in 425 oven 20 mins. Served with spice sweet potato wedges and brussel sprouts.

Jennifer26's Review

October 25, 2013
These were good, but a bit too salty for my taste. My husband really liked them, so I will make them again.

ayala0602's Review

June 25, 2013
This is one of the best recipes by far from CL! This is a huge winner with our family!

cvannewkirk's Review

January 27, 2013
Very juicy! I made this without the salt and with boneless pork chops. I was amazed at how much flavor they had.