Makes 12

Decorate store-bought cupakes for Easter by making cute bunny faces with marshmallows, coconut, pretzels, and an assortment of candy.

How to Make It

Step 1

Spoon 2 Tbsp. vanilla frosting into a small ziplock bag. Frost cupcakes with remaining vanilla frosting. Roll tops of frosted cupcakes in coconut to cover.

Step 2

Place pink sugar in a small bowl. Using scissors, cut large marshmallows in half crosswise. Press cut side of each marshmallow into pink sugar to make ears. Insert a pretzel stick into 1 short end of a marshmallow ear. Insert pretzel-stick end into cupcake to make ear stand up. Repeat with another pretzel and marshmallow ear; place second marshmallow ear next to first. Repeat with remaining marshmallows and pretzels, placing 2 ears on each cupcake.

Step 3

Snip a small corner from ziplock bag with vanilla frosting. Using scissors, cut mini marshmallows in half crosswise to make cheeks. Pipe small dots of frosting and attach the mini M&M eyes, heart-candy nose and cheeks. Cut licorice into 1 1/2-inch pieces and insert as whiskers. Repeat with remaining cupcakes.

Ratings & Reviews

Tasty and Funny

March 18, 2015
 Mine did not look exactly like these, but they tasted great.

chicksrace2's Review

October 26, 2012

KristinMT's Review

April 07, 2012

jarrettcathy's Review

April 02, 2012
My kids really loved this.

Holley's Review

March 20, 2011

TracyAdair's Review

March 02, 2010
I bought this magazine at the checkout because of this recipe on the cover. The only ingredient I couldn't find was the black licorice lace. I just bought regular black licorice and julienne sliced it. Just one box of cake mix and one can of icing and we had 24 bunnies all over my counter. They are almost too cute to eat! I also pushed holes in the center of the unfrosted cupcake with a wooden spoon to pipe in some raspberry mousse filling. We will be sharing this recipe. Thanks!