Photo: Kate Sears; Styling: Elizabeth Blake

Bunny Cars will bring smiles to your Easter guests—young and old. These edible treats serve as decoration and dessert.

How to Make It

Step 1

On a clean serving platter or cutting board, place rows of Necco wafers to look like a road.

Step 2

Use edible markers to draw wagon-wheel designs on one side of each White Fudge-Covered Oreo.

Step 3

Using a paring knife, carve a small hole, about the same size as the bottom of a Peep, into one end of a Twinkie. Do not go all the way through. Place a Peep in the hole.

Step 4

Cut skewers so they're slightly wider than a Twinkie. Using a skewer tip, drill a small hole in the center of 4 cookies on the non-marked sides. Place skewers in holes to form 2 axles with wheels. Place a Twinkie on top. Add a flag in the back, if desired. Repeat with remaining cookies, Twinkies and Peeps.

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Ratings & Reviews

portland's Review

April 22, 2014
these were adorable. hostess appears to have remade their molds, slightly smaller, so the peeps have a little hard time of it, still it works. these cars brought smiles to faces young and old.

cookiemom's Review

April 17, 2014