6 servings (serving size: 1 cup risotto and 2 tablespoons cheese)

Slightly chewy bulgur contrasts beautifully with the tender roasted squash and garlic.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 400°.

Step 2

Combine squash and garlic in a shallow roasting pan. Drizzle with 2 teaspoons oil, tossing gently to coat. Bake at 400° for 20 minutes or until squash is tender, stirring once. Let cool 10 minutes. Peel garlic; chop. Discard skins.

Step 3

Combine water and salt in a medium saucepan, and bring to a simmer (do not boil). Keep warm over low heat.

Step 4

Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a medium sauté pan over medium heat. Add bulgur; cook 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add wine; cook 2 minutes or until liquid is nearly absorbed, stirring constantly. Add warm salted water, 1/2 cup at a time, stirring frequently until each portion of warm salted water is absorbed before adding the next (about 27 minutes total). Stir in squash and garlic; cook 3 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Remove from heat; stir in parsley and sage. Sprinkle each serving with cheese.

Ratings & Reviews

ChefAmandaLynn's Review

March 02, 2013
By mixing the parmesean into the completed dish you get some of the creaminess of a risotto. This actually was very good, but I am not sure it is worth this time it takes, read my full review at http://www.dishoverdinner.com/2013/03/bulgur-risotto-with-roasted-garlic-and_1.html#!/2013/03/bulgur-risotto-with-roasted-garlic-and_1.html

Katie34's Review

December 13, 2011
I should have listened to the other review. This was not worth making. I really like bulgur but this turns out more like gooey pudding without any real flavor. This ended up being a waste of time and most of it will probably end up in the trash.

bnobsOMG's Review

September 29, 2011
I tried this last night with a squash fresh from my mom's garden. Now I'm sad I wasted a good squash. The recipe is easy to follow, and you definitely get a risotto consistency from the bulgur, but I won't be making it again. It needs to be creamier and cheesier. Next time I'll go for the butternut bacon mac n cheese instead.