Photo: Tami Hardeman
1 decorated cupcake (serving size: 1 cupcake)

Whether you have a chocolate lab or a lovable “mixed breed” brown dog, these chocolate cupcakes are sure to delight. Make Chocolate Frosted Cupcakes and Quick Chocolate Buttercream or use a cake mix and canned frosting to get the number of cupcakes you need. See How to Make Brown Dog Cupcakes for step-by-step instructions and photos.

How to Make It

Step 1

Add a thin layer of chocolate frosting to the top of the whole cupcake. 

Step 2

Add one dollop of chocolate frosting on lower third of top of cupcake. Place doughnut hole on dollop, allowing the dollop of frosting to hold doughnut hole in place.

Step 3

Using a small spatula, frost the doughnut hole with chocolate frosting so that it blends with cupcake.

Step 4

Place the chocolate cookie crumbs in a bowl. Invert cupcake into the crumbs and roll to cover. This can also be done by cupping your hand and using it as the bowl.

Step 5

Fit a small piping bag with a a #2 or 3 tip. Fill with vanilla frosting and pipe small circles for eyes. Place a small chocolate candy or sugar pearl in the center of each disk for eyes and one small chocolate candy on top of the frosted doughnut hole for the nose.

Step 6

Fill a small piping bag with dark chocolate frosting. Use a #2 or 3 tip to outline nose and muzzle.

Step 7

Press or roll out chewy chocolate candy or caramel into a ¾-inch leaf shape to make 2 ears. Place one ear at “10 o’clock” and the other at “2 o’clock”.

Step 8

Cut a small piece of fruit roll for tongue, and insert below nose.

Step 9


Chef's Notes

For the basic frosting on top of each cupcake, you’ll only need enough to lightly coat the top of each cupcake, about ¼ cup frosting per cupcake.  Too much frosting on the cupcake will make it harder to decorate into the puppy face.  

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