Let the ice cream truck pass right on by, your kids will be happy making their own frozen treats. All you need: a bowl, a potato masher, an ice-cube tray, and a few ingredients. The sorbet takes about 90 minutes to reach the right consistency, so make it before lunch and eat as an afternoon snack. Use this recipe as a template for creating new flavors by mixing and matching other fruits and juices.


Recipe Summary

3 to 4 Servings


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Instructions Checklist
  • Place strawberries and orange juice concentrate in a large bowl. Use the potato masher to crush berries and blend the ingredients well.

  • Pour a tablespoon of the berry mixture into each compartment of an ice-cube tray.

  • Freeze about 90 minutes, until each cube is the consistency of firm, not liquidy, slush. (If the sorbet freezes for too long, add the cubes to a zip-close bag and gently crush with a rolling pin until they're slushy.) Using a spoon, transfer the cubes from the tray to a bowl and stir together before serving.