Christina Schmidhofer
Makes 1 sandwich

Sunset's Red Horizon: A classic tomato--with meaty, heart-shaped fruit as big as grapefruit and sweet, full-bodied flavor--this Russian native has good texture and plenty of rich juice. It made its American debut thanks to Gary Ibsen, founder of California's Carmel TomatoFest, who honored Sunset with its name.

How to Make It

Split a piece (about 3 1/2 by 5 in.) of ciabatta bread (or a crusty roll) in half lengthwise. Toast lightly. Spread cut sides generously with mayonnaise. Cover bottom half with 4 to 6 large fresh basil leaves and a thick layer of 4 to 6 slices firm-ripe Sunset's Red Horizon or similar large tomatoes. Sprinkle with salt and fresh-ground pepper to taste. Top with 2 slices crisp-cooked bacon. Cap with top half of ciabatta (or top half of roll).

Ratings & Reviews

mikoprice's Review

November 28, 2012

ask4976's Review

August 03, 2011
Great, quick sandwich and a refreshing diversion to the original BLT. Great for lunch and can use whatever kind of bread is around, but is good at any time, whether it be brunch or a midnight snack, its great.

PoppaCapp's Review

June 18, 2012

itsanj's Review

June 01, 2009
Soooo easy and so goooood. never thought about basil instead of lettuce but this makes it super delicious and bit more 'upscale'!

tboneskitchen's Review

August 09, 2009 husband ate 2!

ElizaThorn's Review

June 01, 2010
Very tasty...I don't know if I would want to go back to lettuce every again.