Photo: Yunhee Kim
Prep Time
10 Mins
Makes 4 servings

Take a shortcut to delicious barbecued chicken by combining shredded chicken, barbecue sauce, and jalapeños and serving the delicious mixture on hamburger buns.

How to Make It

In a bowl, combine the chicken, barbecue sauce, and jalapeños (if using). Divide the mixture evenly among the bottoms of the buns and sandwich with the tops. Serve with potato chips (if using).

Ratings & Reviews

seaside725's Review

August 18, 2015
This was a good quick easy meal.  Good for lunch or a game day.

Rbourne143's Review

August 30, 2014
Very simple and tasty. Saved me a lot of time this week for lunch and I look forward to having it again.

Bronstew's Review

May 10, 2013

megankay13's Review

July 26, 2011
yummy, but I love to cook and this requires almost no cooking at all!

steponme's Review

February 08, 2011
Nothing Spectacular; it's okay for a quick lunch or dinner.

mjmayinsf's Review

April 20, 2010
I hesitate to call this a "recipe" - it's so simple! Made with Red Tail Ale BBQ sauce and leftover rotisserie chicken breast meat (we don't really like the white meat, so I'm always trying to figure out how to use it up when we get a rot chick), peppers to taste. Totally delicious!

Katelaine's Review

April 05, 2010
Such a simple idea . . . yet such a good one! My family loves BBQ chicken or pork, but I rarely have the time to start it in the morning. With this recipe, I put it in a crock pot about 1.5 hours before dinner, added some spices (garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, cayenne), and it was perfect by dinner. Really, it tasted just as good as the kind that cooks all day (well, mine anyway). My husband couldn't tell the difference. We always top our sandwiches with this excellent CL coleslaw recipe: Wish I would have thought of this sooner!