Howard L. Puckett
20 cookies (serving size: 1 cookie)

Finalist--Desserts. "I love oatmeal cookies, so I did my best to come up with a low-fat version." -Christine Dohlmar, Valrico, FL

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 350°.

Step 2

Place first 4 ingredients in a large bowl; beat with a mixer at medium speed until blended. Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups; level with a knife. Combine flour and remaining ingredients, stirring with a whisk. Stir flour mixture into banana mixture. Drop dough by 2 tablespoonfuls onto parchment paper-lined baking sheets. Bake at 350° for 19 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove from pan; cool completely on a wire rack.

Ratings & Reviews

Urnot4go10's Review

February 10, 2013

sparklyredshoes's Review

January 21, 2013
These may be my new favorite cookies ever! I used regular mayonnaise and 1/4 cup of pecans because i only had 1/4 cup of walnuts on hand. I made these and the banana chocolate chip cookies, and these blew the chocolate chip ones out of the water. I shared these with many people and even the most skeptical and picky people preferred these. The texture is great and the flavor is even better. I will definitely make these again.

Ereed33's Review

December 22, 2012
Delicious. I needed to substitute as well. I used regular mayo, light brown sugar, cranberries instead of raisins, butter extract instead of rum. The baking time was fine and they were awesome.The flavor was delightful.

EllenDeller's Review

August 23, 2012
I liked these, but ONLY after baking 23 minutes and making the cookies smaller. This dough freezes well, so I made half as written (except for subbing almonds for walnuts as I think they fit the flavor profile better) and they were a bit doughy or wet in the middle and got gummy on top. I made the second half with smaller cookies and baked a full 23 minutes which left them crumbly soft inside and delightfully chewy-crispy outside. Next time, I will sub allspice for the cin & nutmeg to bring out the tropical flavor.

jmeleeS's Review

June 04, 2012
LOVED these cookies and they smelled great while baking too! Unfortunately I thought I had coconut flakes and walnut pieces, but I didn't, so I had to omit the coconut and I used "nut topping" in the cookies instead (which is a mix of chopped nut pieces). Overall the flavor was amazing even with the changes; a twist on the classic oatmeal cookie - like other reviewers, I only got about half the cookies from the batter (in lieu of the 20 as the recipe states) and cook time ended up being about 25 minutes instead of 19 minutes. Definitely use spiced rum (like Capt Morgan's) to give it an extra flavor boost. They were a snap to prepare and cleanup was just as easy. I will definitely make again (with the coconut!) Enjoy!!!!

flannelcountry's Review

December 17, 2011
I made these with whole wheat flour and they turned out fantastic. Used a food processor to 'mash' the (very ripe) banana. I used the canola based mayonnaise with no problem. Added a touch more spices and coconut, and just a quarter cup cranberries in addition to the raisins. Since my boyfriend is allergic to nuts, I just put walnuts or almonds on top of a few and baked them, came out fine. My only complaint is that it definitely does not yield 20 cookies, at least not at the size pictured. It made about a dozen good sized cookies. Make smaller ones and bake for less time to stretch the dough. Overall, SUCH a good recipe!

mamabaldy's Review

September 20, 2011
These cookies are great! I love that you can have delicious cookies without spending hours in the kitchen. They are just right with only 20 cookies and I put two sheets in at a time and bake them all at once. There are so many great ingredients! I often have one ripe banana remaining and always think of this recipe.

anitacita's Review

May 25, 2011
I imagine the type of low-fat mayonnaise may make a lot of difference in this recipe--but I used a canola-oil based one, and these cookies were terrible. They tasted very strange, and I ended up throwing them out.

FijiMermaid's Review

July 28, 2010
These cookies are fantastic. My favorite thing about them is that they only call for 1 banana, and frequently I only have one overripe banana instead of the 2 or 3 required for banana bread. Yes, it has some odd ingredients, like mayonnaise. But that's in place of butter and eggs and it's actually really good. I suspect the people who wrote bad reviews didn't use a ripe enough banana. I used dried cranberries in place of raisins and skipped the walnuts because I didn't have any. Also used 1/4 cup whole wheat flour and 1/2 c APF.

19Cathygirl's Review

January 31, 2009
Although this recipe sounds good in essence - it is flavorless. Maybe if you added a little salt, vanilla etc. you could save it. Sometimes, in an attempt to make a healthy recipe a person will substitute or leave out key ingredients which will totally alter what might have been a good thing. Sorry, but I must give this a thumbs down.