Photo: Nigel Cox; Styling: Tiziana Agnello
Hands-on Time
15 Mins
Total Time
8 Hours 52 Mins
Serves 10 (serving size: 1 slice)

Be patient as you whip the egg mixture. Because there are a couple of yolks in the mix, it takes a full 5 minutes to reach soft peak stage. Dollop with whipped topping and serve with raspberries.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 350°.

Step 2

Bring 1/2 cup water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add cocoa and espresso, stirring until smooth. Remove pan from heat. Add chocolates; gently stir until mixture is smooth. Stir in brandy and vanilla. Pour chocolate mixture into a large bowl. Let stand 10 minutes; stir occasionally.

Step 3

Combine eggs, egg whites, sugar, and salt in the top of a double boiler, stirring with a whisk. Cook over simmering water until a thermometer reaches 115° (about 2 minutes), stirring constantly with a whisk. Place egg mixture in a medium bowl; beat with a mixer at high speed until ribbony, soft peaks form (about 5 minutes).

Step 4

Gently stir one-third of egg mixture into chocolate mixture; gently fold in remaining egg mixture. Gently fold in whipped topping. Spoon batter into an 8-inch springform pan coated with baking spray, spreading evenly. Bake at 350° for 27 minutes or until almost set (center will not be firm but will set as it chills). Cool to room temperature on a wire rack. Cover and chill at least 8 hours or overnight.

Step 5

OR USE WHIPPED CREAM: If you substitute an equal amount of whipped cream for the whipped topping, you'll add 62 calories, 7g fat, and 2g sat fat to each serving. You will also need to bake the mousse about 5 minutes longer.

Ratings & Reviews

Red65Rain's Review

February 14, 2014
Just a note here re cracking. You should do this with all cheesecakes and cakes such as this one too. As soon as you take the cake from the oven, run a knife along the edge. You will have far less cracking if you do this! Also, the beating must be done for at least as long as the recipe calls for. You cannot shortcut this step, as it ensures the quality of the cake! Since all ovens don't calibrate the same, keep a close eye on your cake. "Almost set" means exactly that. Jiggle the pan and, if the center jiggles just a little, the cake is done and should be removed immediately. It continues to set as it cools. This goes for cheesecakes too! This is an outstanding recipe if done correctly!

passion4cooking's Review

February 04, 2013
Made this cake for a special dinner with friends who are chocoholics and we all got our chocolate fix! A little disappointed that the top of my cake cracked during baking, but the dollop of whipped cream and fresh raspberry garnish hid all imperfections. Agree with PKcookin that there were a lot of pans involved and extra clean up so it's a recipe I'll save for special occasions. Saving grace was that I made the cake a day ahead and had the peace of mind knowing I could focus on the rest of the meal.

PKcookin's Review

January 20, 2013
This was delicious and a huge hit at our dinner party. The flavor is really chocolatety and rich. Everyone raved. I put a little dollop of whipped cream in the center on top and added raspberries around the outside to garnish it and cover the crack in the top. On taste, compliments and popularity among the group I would give this 5 stars. But there are some downsides. First, it dirties a lot of bowls and pans. It's baking so I get it but still lots to clean up. It does take some skill for things like using kitchen thermometers and double boilers so it is not for beginners. It was difficult to cut & serve. I think I may have gone too long in the oven (I followed time exactly). So the outside was a little crumbly when cutting. Using a hot wet knife helped considerably. Maybe using individual ramekins would work but it would sacrifice the wow factor you get from the whole version. I will make again as it was a show stopper

shicks's Review

January 12, 2013

jmeleeS's Review

January 02, 2013
Flavor on this recipe is a 10, though it's very hard to serve due to the fact that it's similar in texture to a flourless chocolate cake. As other reviewers posted, I had to whip my eggs longer than the recipe stated to get the texture described. Also, my cake fell as it cooled in the springform pan. However, I think the severity of my cake falling was due to my pan size (which was about 2 inches in diameter larger than the recipe called for). I substituted chambord in lieu of brandy and then topped my dessert with C.L.'s fresh raspberry sauce and big plump raspberries to serve. Everyone raved about this dessert (very dark and rich chocolate flavor) and the only negative I had was that the dessert was hard to serve so next time (and there will be a next time!), I'm going to dish / bake into individual custard cups for ease of serving. Looking forward to making again soon - enjoy!

divermomma's Review

December 05, 2012

megan74's Review

November 30, 2012
Great dessert. I had to whip the egg mixture a little longer before it got to the 115 degrees, and a little longer before it became soft, ribbony peaks. Also, I cooked a few minutes less because I used a 9 inch springform pan. It only needed about 21-22 minutes. I will make this again!!

RickiJohnson's Review

November 28, 2012
Rich, dense and nice combination of textures. I strongly prefer using real whipped cream and compensating for the fat in other areas of the menu. This is a slightly softer, wetter version of the flourless cakes than I am used to, but it's still a good, solid recipe. I have to assume sage-whatever has limited experience with baking this genre, as baking time, etc are absolutely characteristic of the type. It is imperative to follow the directions and allow the full time needed for beating, or you're asking for a failure.

lissalane's Review

November 28, 2012

jackiejohns's Review

November 28, 2012
It is obvious that sagetragitto needs to get off this site and on to another to experience such negativity and lack of helpful reviews. What do you mean it 'was not baked'? You didn't even make this recipe, so how could you write a review?